Medical stent cutting machine

Medical stent cutting machine

Medical stent cutting machine equipment is mainly used for laser micromachining of drug-coated stents such as heart valves, mitral valves, lower limb bare metal, coronary arteries, and venous filters; The medical endoscope Bending Section cutting machine is used for laser micromachining of endoscope Bending Sections such as rigid endoscopes, urological endoscopes, common bile duct endoscopes, gastrointestinal endoscopes, and anorectal endoscopes.



Metal material laser cutting machine is suitable for ceramics, sapphire, diamond, alloy steel, tungsten, aluminum, copper, magnesium, aluminum foil, copper foil, carbon fiber and other high hardness, high brittle, stainless steel, hard alloy equipment, ultra-thin composite materials Laser micromachining of precision medical and electronic equipment.

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Independent research
Independent research and development of modular key basic components

Absorb cross industry, multi field and interdisciplinary engineering technology and practical experience, adopt advanced modern system design methods, and provide modular key basic components and application technology for precision thin-walled pipe laser micromachining system through repeated comparison, optimization and practice.

Personalized system
Personalized system
design capability

According to the needs of market processing, measurement, assembly and positioning, we can reasonably use modular and forward system design methods to provide system customized services for the market.

High flexibility system
High flexibility system
process capability

Meet the requirements of diversified system processing processes such as precision thin-walled pipe small slit, dry and wet cutting, long and short and special-shaped pipe, centripetal \ vertical \ double station processing, on-line measurement and error compensation, automatic feed processing, material receiving and so on.

On line error measurement
On line error measurement and correction
processing technology

Using the self-developed multi shafting and on-line measurement system, the on-line error measurement and correction processing of precision thin-walled pipes are realized, and the processing accuracy and stability of the system are significantly improved.

Parametric laser centripetal
Parametric laser centripetal and vertical
incidence processing technology

The parametric control of laser centripetal or vertical incidence processing is realized by using on-line measurement technology and follow-up multi axis motion control technology.

Open CNC software platform
Open CNC software platform

The modular function development technology is adopted, and the precision thin-walled pipe laser processing technology library and multi axis motion control unit are embedded. It has the characteristics of good system stability, high openness and simple operation, and provides a system solution for the complex and diversified processing technology of precision thin-walled pipes.



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MEN-LUCK Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise full of passion and vitality, located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The main products are ultra-fast femtosecond laser cutting machine, medical stent laser cutting machine, Bending Section laser cutting machine, hard and brittle material laser cutting machine, precision PCB substrate cutting machine, precision alloy instrument laser tube cutting machine, precision plane instrument laser All kinds of precision laser cutting, welding and marking equipment such as cutting machine are widely used in medical equipment, electronic 3C structural parts, auto parts, semiconductor integrated circuits and other fields. Relying on the advantages of the Yangtze River Delta region and talents, with rich experience in enterprise management, advanced laser technology, standardized management system, and perfect after-sales service system, it continues to grow and develop. At present, the equipment has been exported to India, Russia, the United States, Canada, Australia, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and regions!

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