Application of UV laser cutting machines in high-end industries

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The UV laser cutting machine is an ultraviolet laser with a wavelength of 355nm. It uses a 10x beam expander and a galvanometer to focus a point on the workpiece surface. The high-energy beam instantly vaporizes the workpiece surface for cutting purposes. The machine is equipped with an automatic identification and positioning system to achieve automatic cutting. A marble working platform is installed to ensure structural stability, and a linear motor platform ensures a large processing area and meets industrial needs.

UV laser cutting machines are widely used in high-end industries. One of them is FPC cutting. FPC soft board is an important connection line in mobile phone circuit boards, carrying the carrier of information dissemination. It is usually used in the connection between mobile phone battery and circuit board, the connection between camera and circuit board, golden finger FPC connection board, etc. Therefore, the UV laser cutting machine with cold light source is particularly suitable for FPC shape cutting. The cutting edges are smooth and neat, with no glue spillage, black or yellowing and other problems.

Another area of application is cutting of brittle glass. As a brittle material, glass needs to be tested for strength after cutting. UV laser cutting machine is the most effective way to cut thin glass, so it is currently only used in high-end fields, such as 3C electronics, military industry, etc. Thin glass  laser cutting has fast cutting speed, small edge chipping, and neat edges. It is widely used in mobile phones and military industries.

UV laser cutting machines can also be used for ceramic cutting. Ceramic materials are widely used as PCB substrate materials. Such as heat dissipation substrates, piezoelectric materials, resistors, semiconductor applications, biological applications, etc. Ceramic processing has also entered the field of laser processing due to the increase in application types. According to the material types of ceramics, they can be divided into functional ceramics, structural ceramics and bioceramics. Commonly used laser processing for ceramics include CO2 laser, YAG laser, green laser, etc. However, with the gradual miniaturization of components, ultraviolet laser processing has become a necessary processing method.

Another common application is wafer cutting. The surface of sapphire substrate is hard and it is difficult to cut it with ordinary cutters. It suffers from high wear and low yield rate. Driven by the blue and white LED industry, the demand for sapphire substrate wafer cutting has increased significantly, which has put forward higher requirements for improving productivity and finished product qualification rate. UV laser cutting machines can effectively solve this problem.

In short, UV laser cutting machines have a wide range of applications in high-end industries. Whether it is FPC shape cutting, brittle glass laser cutting, ceramic laser cutting or wafer cutting, it can effectively improve product quality and production efficiency. As a professional UV laser cutting machine manufacturer, we have long-term supply of various types of laser cutting machines and provide sample cutting and proofing services. We can also customize laser cutting machines according to the actual needs of customers. Welcome new and old customers to come and sample materials!

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