The 2024 Munich laser world of photonics  was successfully concluded

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In March 2024, the three-day Munich laser world of photonics has come to a perfect end in Shanghai, which has been held in Shanghai since 2006. As an important annual event for the laser, optical and photoelectric industries in Asia, the new edition of the fair covers the photoelectric technology industry chain in a comprehensive way, with a clearer layout and more detailed exhibits, helping to build a new development pattern. The fair attracted 1,200 exhibitors and focused on the fields of lasers and optoelectronics, laser intelligent manufacturing, inspection and quality control, optics and optical manufacturing, and infrared technology and application products. At the same time, together with the world’s leading photoelectric industry enterprises, promote the innovation and development of traditional industries and emerging industries, and jointly explore the future development direction.

The 2024 Munich laser world of photonics  was successfully concluded-stent cutting,laser stent cutter,Menlaser is medical stent,coronary stent,heart stent cutting machine from China

As a laser equipment R & D and production enterprise, Men-luck continues to upgrade and transform laser processing equipment with advanced laser technology, so the fair was also held to understand the latest laser technology and development trends. Visited and learned the laser, optoelectronics and laser intelligent manufacturing exhibition area, saw more kinds of laser cutting and punching samples, about the precision, quality and process of processed products also carried out in-depth understanding and learning, at the same time, we also communicated with a number of exhibitors and foreign customers, and invited customers to visit our factory.

Men-luck mainly develops and manufactures all kinds of laser processing equipment, including laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, laser welding machine, etc., and provides high-quality system solutions, supports personalized customization, sample delivery proofing service, and remote technical support, and has reached cooperation with many enterprises at home and abroad, welcome customers to contact us.

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