Laser marking machine and 3C electronics industry close combination

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In the era of rapid development of science and technology, laser marking machine, as a high-precision processing equipment, has gradually become an indispensable processing link in the 3C electronics industry. In simple terms, it is the use of high energy density laser beams to etch and oxidize materials to achieve the purpose of marking. Laser marking machine has the characteristics of non-contact, no pollution and high precision, and has been widely used in various fields. This article will explore the close integration between laser marking and the 3C electronics industry, and analyze the benefits it brings.

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With the progress of science and technology and the growth of consumer demand, the market competition of 3C electronic products is becoming increasingly fierce. In this area, accurate and persistent labeling of products becomes particularly important. Compared with the traditional inkjet printer, the high-precision beam of the laser marking machine enables it to achieve fine coding processing in high-end precision fields such as PCB boards, mobile phone shells, battery packaging, computers, chips, and so on, forming a clear, durable and not easily tampered product identity. So that manufacturers can accurately trace through characters, patterns, bar codes, two-dimensional codes and other information.

In addition to meeting product identification needs, laser marking machines also have other advantages. The first is high speed and high efficiency, which can significantly improve the production line speed in large-scale production; Secondly, it has strong adaptability and can achieve good results on different materials; In addition, the laser marking machine has the advantages of low cost and environmental protection. For example, in the field of chips, the men-luck UV laser marking machine can be refined, and with its own advantages of low heat and high precision spots, it can create clear and traceable marks in the space range of millimeters. For example, the PCB circuit board uses the special wavelength of the UV laser marking machine to accurately etch its surface, but also to protect the normal function of the circuit board and the integrity of the substrate. The advantage of laser marking machine is not only high efficiency, but also to be able to support the visual detection system and special data collection and processing system, after the small character mark, through the HD camera to accurately, effectively and efficiently identify the coding effect, and the data collection feedback to the user terminal system, greatly reducing the defective product rate.

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