New generation of picosecond laser cutting machine for precision processing of glass products

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Glass is widely used in daily necessities, industrial products or precision processed materials. Such as automobiles, optical lenses, home appliances, consumer electronics, 3C and other fields are very common. As the market’s requirements for the precision of glass materials are getting higher and higher, there is a need for higher-precision processing. The hard and brittle nature of glass determines the shortcomings of traditional cutting processes, which inevitably cannot meet the cutting quality requirements for special-shaped processing and edge quality of glass products in the new era.

With the continuous development of laser cutting technology, the quality of precision processing of glass by infrared picosecond laser is getting better and better. men-luck’s new generation of picosecond laser cutting machine can be used for precision micro-machining of various types of glass products. When the laser is focused by the focusing head, it obtains huge laser energy and a high-power micron-level beam. When it acts on the glass material, the light intensity at the center of the beam is lower than that at the edge, the refractive index at the center of the material is greater than that at the edge, and the propagation speed at the center of the beam is higher than that at the edge. The edge is slow, and the nonlinear optical Kerr effect occurs in the beam to produce self-focusing, and the power density continues to increase. When a certain energy threshold is reached, the electrons are released from the bonds of atoms, forming a plasma.

How do picosecond laser cutting machinists work? The interaction between the laser beam and the material is very short, and the plasma has already ablated the glass surface before it has time to transfer energy to the surrounding materials, so there is almost no heat-affected area, and the cutting surface is smooth, vertical, and crack-free. , no debris, not only fast, but also higher precision, which cannot be achieved by traditional diamond knife, alloy knife or water knife.

The laser non-contact processing of the picosecond laser cutting machine not only saves the cost of mold opening, but also avoids the problems of cutting cracks, edge chipping, and low precision caused by traditional cutting methods. It is very suitable for the processing of precision glass materials, with high production precision and efficiency. High, neat cutting edges and no need for subsequent processing, it can effectively improve processing efficiency and yield rate, allowing enterprises to better reduce costs and increase efficiency.

men-luck is a professional manufacturer of laser cutting equipment, welding equipment, marking equipment, engraving equipment and other micro-processing equipment. All types of equipment have complete specifications and rich models. All equipment has passed 3C certification, and the quality is assured!

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