Picosecond laser cutting machine for FPC electromagnetic shielding film cutting application

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Electromagnetic shielding film is mainly used in FPC, which can effectively suppress electromagnetic interference. It can also reduce the attenuation of transmission signals in FPC and reduce the incompleteness of transmission signals. As the core material of FPC to suppress electromagnetic interference, it plays an important role in circuit boards. As a connecting wire in electronic devices, FPC flexible circuit board mainly plays the role of conducting current and transmitting signals. When the signal transmission line is distributed on the outermost layer of the FPC, in order to avoid signal distortion caused by electromagnetic interference during the signal transmission process, the FPC will laminate a conductive layer (electromagnetic shielding film) after laminating the covering film to shield external electromagnetic fields. The role of interference.

In the production process of electromagnetic shielding film, cutting is an essential process, and the picosecond laser cutting machine has become an essential equipment in its processing process. The picosecond laser cutting machine is particularly suitable for cutting electromagnetic films. It can also cut roll-to-sheet, FPC soft board shape, PCB soft and hard combined version, PCB auxiliary materials and other processes, PET film, PI film, PP film, adhesive film, copper foil , explosion-proof film, magnetic film, Sony glue and other types of materials cutting process. This is because the picosecond laser cutting machine has its special advantages. The following laser cutting machine manufacturer men-luck introduces in detail the advantages of picosecond laser cutting machine for cutting FPC electromagnetic shielding film.

The men-luck picosecond laser cutting machine can achieve “cold” processing technology when cutting electromagnetic shielding films. The heat-affected zone is extremely small, so the electromagnetic shielding film is basically carbon-free and the cutting quality is high. The machine’s laser beam quality is good and the focused spot is small. The width of the cutting slit is extremely small, which can achieve high-precision cutting; it can also control the cutting depth and has high processing flexibility; it can realize the cutting process of arbitrary shapes and graphics, automatic loading and unloading, fast processing speed, high efficiency, and simple operation.

As a developing country, China has always attached great importance to the development of the electronic information industry. For electromagnetic barrier films, conductive adhesive films, flexible copper-clad laminates and other related industries, the government and industry authorities have launched a series of industrial policies. With the expansion of the scale of consumer electronics, automotive electronics, communication equipment and other industries and the development of related electronic products in the direction of thinning, miniaturization and lightweight, the market size of the electromagnetic shielding film industry will gradually expand. As a professional manufacturer of laser micro-machining equipment, we are also constantly increasing research and development efforts to develop more cost-effective equipment. At the same time, men-luck can also provide customers with complete sample proofing services to ensure that the equipment meets the customer’s production process. and production efficiency requirements. Our laser cutting machine equipment has been exported to dozens of countries and regions abroad. The quality of the equipment is stable. We welcome new and old customers to call us for consultation and negotiation!

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