Laser tube cutting machine manufacturers explain the important technology of cutting machines

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Laser tube cutting machine manufacturer MEN-LUCK is a professional research and development manufacturer of precision laser cutting equipment, welding equipment and marking equipment. The equipment has been sold to many cities and regions at home and abroad, such as Germany, the United States, Singapore, India, Russia, etc. In some well-known countries, our laser cutting equipment has great advantages in terms of price and technology, so our equipment has a large market no matter whether it is a developed country or a developing country.

The laser tube cutting machine can be used for high-precision cutting of various metal and non-metal tubes, such as medical stents, snake bones, hypotubes, etc. The laser cutting system has the advantages of high flexibility, high efficiency, high precision and high quality, and its key technologies are introduced in detail below.

The key technology of laser tube cutting machine: laser cutting head and its trajectory control
In the tube cutting of the laser cutting machine, the tube to be processed belongs to the spatial surface and has a complex shape. It is difficult to program and process by conventional methods. It is necessary for the operator to select the correct processing path and suitable reference point according to the processing technology requirements. The numerical control system records the feed conditions of each axis and the coordinate values of the reference point, and then records the coordinate values of the processing process through the space linear and circular interpolation functions of the laser cutting system, and generates a processing program.

The key technology of laser tubecutting machine: light guide focusing system
The function of the light guiding and focusing system is to guide the output beam of the laser generator to the laser cutting head in the focusing optical path. For laser cutting tubes, to obtain high-quality slits, the focus spot diameter of the focused beam is small and the power is high. When the laser cutting machine is used for laser cutting of tubes, in order to obtain a relatively small beam focusing diameter, the order of the transverse mode of the laser should be small, preferably the fundamental mode. The cutting head of the laser cutting equipment has a focusing lens. After the laser beam is focused through the lens, a small focused spot can be obtained for high-quality tube cutting.

The key technology of laser tube cutting machine: automatic control of cutting focus position
The focus position of laser cutting is an important factor affecting the quality of cutting accuracy. It is one of the key technologies for laser cutting tubes to keep the vertical direction of the focal point relative to the workpiece surface constant through automatic measurement and control devices. Through the control of the laser focus position and the xyz linear axis of the laser processing system, the movement of the laser cutting head is lighter and more flexible, and the collision between the cutting head and the cutting tube or other objects during the processing is avoided.

The key process of laser pipe cutting machine determines the quality and efficiency of laser cutting products, and also determines the core competitiveness and market competitiveness of laser cutting equipment. To choose Men-Luck laser tube cutting machine is to choose more cost-effective equipment, technology and service. Our company supports sample testing, welcome to inquire!

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