See the quality of precision laser cutting equipment from the finished product?

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When most new customers purchase laser cutting machine equipment for the first time, on-site proofing has become the best quality verification method. The proofing meets the requirements, and the quality is definitely not a major problem. This judgment method is simple, but today MEN-LUCK Xiaobian introduces several more Accurate laser cutting machine quality judgment dimension, let everyone have a deeper understanding of laser cutting machine quality selection.

1. Look at the roughness of the cut surface

The finished section cut by the laser cutting machine will form vertical lines, and the depth of the lines determines the roughness of the cutting surface. The shallower the lines, the smoother the cutting section. The degree of roughness not only affects the appearance of the finished product, but also affects the degree of friction. In most cases, reducing the depth of the cutting section will result in a smoother surface and better cutting effect.

2. Look at the verticality of the edge of the cut product

If the thickness of the cutting plate exceeds 10mm, the verticality of the cutting edge is the best condition for testing the cutting quality of the cutting machine. During the cutting process, the laser head moves from far to near, from top to bottom, and the beam of focus becomes scattered when it is farther away, and the closer it moves to the target, the more concentrated the beam becomes, and there will be a vertical Deviation, and the smaller the vertical deviation, the stronger the performance of the machine.

3. Look at the texture and burrs of the cut products

The biggest advantage of precision laser cutting equipment is high precision, high speed, no burrs, and smooth incision. When the laser cutting machine processes thick plates, the molten metal residues will not appear on the vertical cutting surface, but will appear obliquely below, which causes the gas to be unable to completely blow away the hanging slag when blowing the slag, and forms a cutting edge after cooling. dross and burrs. To solve this problem, it is generally to reduce the speed when the cutting is about to end, so as to reduce dross and burrs as much as possible. Therefore, when cutting medium and thick plates, the less burrs and slags, the better the processing technology and technology. There is no doubt that the quality of precision laser cutting machine equipment is outstanding!

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