Laser cutting machine manufacturer men-luck detailed vascular stent

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Laser cutting machine manufacturers men-luck is a professional stent laser cutting machine manufacturers, perennial supply of all kinds of vascular stent cutting machine, femtosecond stent laser cutting machine, all kinds of surgical instruments laser cutting machine.

Vascular stent is a common interventional surgical instrument, such as coronary stent, heart valve stent, carotid stent, vascular retrieval stent, etc. It is mainly used for the treatment of vascular stenosis or lumen dilatation in the body. The most common places for vascular stent implantation in the human body are coronary artery, intracranial artery, carotid artery, renal artery, lower limb artery and iliac artery. Vascular stent can be divided into metal stent and non-metal stent, common metal stent materials mainly 316 stainless steel, chromium, nickel, molybdenum alloy, Nitinol, magnesium alloy, platinum chromium alloy and so on. The non-metallic stent is mainly biodegradable.

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laser cutting stent

Vascular stent is a stent implanted in narrow blood vessels on the basis of balloon expansion and molding of blood vessels to support blood vessels, reduce blood vessel elasticity and shape, and keep blood flow unobstructed in the vascular lumen. Coronary stents are mainly used in coronary arteriography, a procedure to open blocked heart arteries. Angioplasty uses a satellite balloon catheter inserted into a blocked blood vessel to widen the vessel and improve blood flow to it. At present, the standard of vascular stent implantation in China is that the stent can be placed when the stenosis reaches 70%, the shelf is recommended to be placed when it reaches 90%, and the stent is not recommended when it is less than 70%. The price of stents has been much lower than ten years ago, and the average family can afford to pay for stent surgery.

As a well-known manufacturer of support laser cutting machine in China, men-luck can provide support proofing tests of different sizes and materials according to customer needs, and can also draw support graphics according to customer needs, so that there will be no errors. In the previous proofing process, there was a problem that the drawing size provided by the customer was inconsistent with the actual size of the support pipe. Each type of bracket can provide factory testing to ensure that the bracket sample meets the customer’s quality inspection requirements, and can also customize the laser cutting equipment according to the actual needs of customers. If you replace the material for the follow-up, you can also provide remote technical support to ensure the normal operation of the laser cutting machine. Welcome to men-luck to visit and negotiate business.

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