Analysis of Microhole Processing Technology for High Precision Laser Cutting Machine

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With the continuous upgrading and improvement of high-precision laser cutting technology, laser micro-hole processing has become more and more widely used. Currently, it is mainly used in precision fields such as material processing, biomedicine, mobile phone digital, and electronic component manufacturing. Laser microhole forming uses the characteristics of high energy, high power, and high beam quality of the laser beam. By controlling the energy and time of the laser beam, the material is heated to the melting point and vaporization point, and then tiny holes are formed to achieve cutting or drilling effects.

Laser micro-hole processing has high precision, high efficiency and high controllability:

Due to the small spot of the laser beam, tiny holes and cuts can be realized, and the precision can reach the micron level. Compared with the traditional mechanical knife, it can realize non-contact processing, and also has the characteristics of high-speed processing, so it has higher processing accuracy and Processing efficiency. The laser micro-hole equipment is equipped with a laser micro-machining software system, and the whole process is controlled by a computer, which can accurately control the energy, time and position of the laser beam to achieve precise process control.

Applications of Laser Microhole Machining:

In the field of biomedicine, laser micromachining is often used for laser micromachining of devices such as microfluidic chips and microneedles; in the field of electronic devices, laser micromachining is mainly used for microdevices such as electrode holes and resistors; in the field of precision instruments, It is mainly used for micro optical fiber, micro lens and other devices; in the field of mobile phone digital, it is mainly used for earphone hole, speaker net forming, etc.

There are also various materials applicable to laser microhole processing, such as metals, non-metals, plastics, ceramics, glass and other materials. MEN-LUCK is an enterprise specializing in the production of laser micro-processing equipment. Various models can meet the requirements of micro-hole processing, such as precision speaker mesh laser cutting machine, High precision laser cutting machine, etc., and more high-precision laser cutting machines Click here for equipment details!

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