Application of laser microcutting technology in micromachining of vascular stent

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Laser microcutting is a breakthrough microprocessing technology on vascular stents. After balloon angioplasty treatment of blocked veins or arteries, vascular stents need to be implanted into human blood vessels to achieve physical dilation of blood vessels. Laser microcutting is a revolutionary precision cutting technology instead of the traditional mechanical knife for the cutting of vascular stents.

As a human implant, the quality requirements are extremely high, not only to achieve the strength of support, but also to require the vascular stent surface smooth without burrs, high precision, healthy and pollution-free material, to ensure the healthy integration with the body’s blood, these advantages are not achieved by traditional mechanical knives, but ordinary laser still can not achieve such fine cutting needs, the need for laser micro-cutting process to achieve.

The core components of a high-quality vascular stent laser cutting machine are laser and numerical control system. This is to ensure the quality of cutting and the process of the necessary things, through the numerical control system, computer control software and laser cutting line; The laser as a cutting tool instead of the mechanical knife, compared with the mechanical knife, the cutting speed is faster, the cutting accuracy is higher, the quality damage is less, and the operation is simple and the efficiency is high.

men-luck laser cutting machine has good beam quality, consistent spot size and stable energy, which can meet the cutting needs of various high-quality vascular stents, spiral tubes, sea wave tubes and other precision instruments. The vascular stent requires such a level of processing, in many laser cutting machine types, ultrafast femtosecond laser cutting is most suitable for the processing of such interventional instruments.

The development of laser microtechnology has also promoted the wide application of various medical devices, such as laser welding, laser marking, laser engraving and so on. Therefore, laser technology will play a better role in medical devices. As a professional developer of laser micromachining equipment, men-luck will continue to learn, constantly upgrade and improve the equipment, and provide the market with more technical content and cost-effective laser micromachining equipment.

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