Advantages of UV laser cutting machine for PCB processing

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Ultraviolet laser is a laser that generates ultraviolet beam. Since the wavelength is 355nm, ultraviolet laser is more easily absorbed by most materials, and the absorbed high-energy ultraviolet beam will directly destroy the molecular bonds of the material, thereby achieving cold processing. Because the UV laser beam has good focusing performance, it can achieve very precise processing. On the basis of cold processing, the processed materials will get better results, which greatly reduces the possibility of laser impact on the materials. As a cutting machine using ultraviolet laser, it has become the preferred choice for laser cutting, drilling, and welding in various industries, such as circuit boards, surgical instruments, etc.

Flexible circuit boards are becoming more and more important in 3C electronic products, automobile industry, and robot manufacturing. UV laser cutting machines have high processing precision, good cutting quality, and flexible operation, and have become the best method for cutting and drilling flexible circuit boards and thin PCBs. UV laser processing is especially suitable for cutting, drilling and marking of hard boards, soft board combinations, soft boards and their accessories. Ultraviolet laser cutting PCB materials mainly uses optical equipment such as beam expanders and focusing mirrors to focus the laser to form a spot smaller than 20 μm. The software controls the deflection of the mirror XY motor. The spot is within the scanning range of the focusing mirror. By controlling the movement of the spot, it is within a certain Scan repeatedly within the area to peel off the material surface layer by layer to achieve the purpose of cutting the material.

UV laser cutting machines show huge technical advantages in circuit board segmentation in the SMT industry and micro drilling in the PCB industry. Depending on the thickness of the circuit board material, the laser cuts along the desired contour one or more times. The thinner the material, the faster the cutting speed. If the accumulated laser pulses are lower than those required to penetrate the material, only the surface will be scratched. Therefore, materials can be marked with QR codes or barcodes to track information for subsequent processes.

As a professional manufacturer of UV laser cutting machines, our company has a wide range of laser cutting machines with complete models, such as UV laser cutting machines, infrared laser cutting machines, femtosecond laser cutting machines, fiber laser cutting machines, and carbon dioxide laser cutting machines. We also provide laser marking equipment, welding equipment and other types of laser micro-machining equipment. Application proofing services are also available free of charge. If you have proofing needs, please feel free to call to make an appointment. Contact number: 0086-18796969088

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