The perforation process of laser plane cutting machine is introduced in detail

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Perforation is an important part of the cutting process of laser plane cutting machine, how to set the perforation process parameters, in order to make better cutting, how much do you know? Professional laser plane cutting machine manufacturers detailed introduction of cutting machine perforation process.

Perforating parameters mainly include nozzle height, gas type, pressure power, duty cycle, pulse frequency, focus position, residence time, flat blowing and so on. Among them, duty cycle and pulse frequency are more abstract parameters, which are a little difficult to understand.

Duty cycle is the percentage of laser power, duty cycle is too large or too small will affect the cutting quality. If the power is 3000 watts and the duty cycle is 50%, the actual power is 1500 watts. The smaller the duty cycle, the smaller the laser energy, which may cause the perforation can not penetrate; If the duty cycle is too large, hole blasting may occur.

The pulse frequency is the number of times a laser occurs in a second. If the pulse frequency is 5000, the laser occurs 5000 times in one second. Pulse frequency has great influence on laser perforation. A frequency of 5000 is usually used when cutting; In the punching parameters, the frequency is generally between 0 and 1000, and many frequencies can achieve punching, and the commonly used range is 100 to 300.

Perforation grades can be divided into one, two and three grades according to the thickness of the plate. The thin plate is perforated at the first stage; Secondary perforation is used for medium thickness plates; Thicker plates use three-stage perforation. Three-stage perforation means you need to light out three times.

When debugging the perforation, observe the perforation phenomenon, and determine whether the time is used up without perforation, or the hole is exploded after perforation. If the hole is perforated, the duty cycle, air pressure and pulse frequency can be reduced. If the perforation is not pierced, it can increase the duty cycle, increase the pulse frequency, increase the residence time, deepen the focus and other parameters.

How much the specific parameters increase or decrease involves different materials and different configurations of laser plane cutting machines, and the parameters need to be adjusted according to the actual situation. More equipment parameter adjustment, common problems, maintenance and other problems can come to men-luck official website to learn, you can also call us directly for technical advice!

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