Relationship between laser wavelength, power and brightness in precision laser processing equipment

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Laser cutting is realized by applying high-power energy generated by laser focusing. Compared with traditional plasma, oxyacetylene and other cutting processes, laser cutting has more advantages, not only fast speed, high precision, narrow kerf, small heat-affected zone, The edge is smooth, the verticality is high, and the cutting efficiency is high, and the types of materials and graphics to be cut are not limited, so precision laser processing equipment is widely used in all walks of life.

When it comes to precision laser processing equipment, everyone should have heard some terms such as laser power, laser wavelength, and laser brightness. What is the relationship between them?

Laser is a kind of electromagnetic wave. The unit of wavelength is usually measured in nm (1/1000000000 meters), which is many orders of magnitude shorter than radio wavelength. Laser can be divided into two types: visible laser and invisible laser. The wavelengths that can be clearly distinguished by the human eye are roughly between 400nm and 700nm. According to different wavelengths, they can be divided into laser colors of various colors. The shorter the laser wavelength, the more blue-purple the color, and finally ultraviolet, which is invisible to the human eye. Arrived; the longer the wavelength, the more reddish the color, and finally the infrared is invisible; the most sensitive wavelengths of the human eye are yellow, orange, and green in the range of 550-570nm. In the visible light range, the laser wavelength can be understood as a digital identification of color.

The light emitted by the laser is also a kind of energy, similar to electric energy, the difference is that it appears in the form of light. Laser power is a physical dimension that measures the output energy per unit time, and its unit of measurement is the same as electrical power, which is also watts (W) or milliwatts (MW).

The laser brightness is the comprehensive subjective feeling and description of the laser wavelength and power by the human eye. The laser brightness can be judged by the eyes, but because of the differences in human eyes, the perception of brightness is also different. For example, some people’s eyes are exactly 635nm Red light with a wavelength of color blindness, even if you see a red laser with a wavelength of 635nm, you still feel very dark or can’t see it at all, but it will look very dazzling to normal eyes. Human eyes have different visual sensitivities to lasers of different wavelengths, so when it comes to “laser brightness”, the factor of the laser wavelength must be considered, and it is not possible to judge whether this laser light is brighter or darker than that laser light just by the size of the laser power. .

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