What are the application industries of precision laser cutting equipment

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Regular maintenance of the metal laser cutting mmetal laser cutting machine is the prerequisite for the normal operation of the equipment. To run more smoothly, it is necessary to form a capacitance between the two plates between the capacitive sensing ring and the steel to be cut. There is a relationship between them. Let’s see how it works in detail!

The metal laser cutting machine needs to be equipped with a follow-up capacitor height controller, which can solve the problem of non-standard manual adjustment of the height of the cutter. No matter what kind of plate is being cut, the capacitor can be adjusted to follow the cutting head to keep the height consistent. The height of the cutting head also needs to be adjusted and controlled. The distance between the incision and the surface of the workpiece determines the cutting quality. In addition to selecting the appropriate cutting port model and air pressure parameters, it is also necessary to increase or decrease the cutting head and the steel plate according to the height between the cutting head and the steel plate. the height of. The thickness of the steel plate is different, and the parameters used are also different, so the height of the cutter needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Therefore, in order for the <a href=”https://www.men-machine.com/precision-3c-solution/” title=”metal laser cutting machine”>metal laser cutting machine</a> to run smoothly, in addition to ensuring the normal operation of the equipment, the most important thing is to increase the capacitance. As a professional R&D and manufacturer of metal laser machines, it can meet various metal cutting needs of customers. Our laser cutting machines are mainly divided into laser tube cutting machines and laser plate cutting machines, with advanced technology, complete supporting facilities, 3C certification, reliable quality, and can be It can meet the needs of port and aviation laser micromachining for medical equipment such as medical stents, endoscopic snake bones, surgical instruments, precision 3C structural parts, and semiconductor integrated circuits. It can also be customized according to customer needs. If you have any purchase needs for laser cutting machines, you can contact us. Our company can provide one-stop problem solutions for laser cutting.

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