Nano-level precision machining solutions help the production of optical molds with high precision and high finish

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In recent years, the rapid development of my country’s consumer electronics, security, automobile and other industries has driven the strong rise of the optical lens industry, and a number of outstanding enterprises with advanced technology, reliable product quality and strong competitiveness in the international market have emerged. In 2021, the scale of my country’s optical lens industry is about 160 billion yuan, and it is expected to usher in new opportunities due to the rise of the market in areas such as autonomous driving and lidar.

At the same time, the rise of the downstream high-end market has also put forward higher requirements for the accuracy and smoothness of optical mold processing, and precision processing enterprises are facing a new round of challenges.

Facing the ever-increasing demand for high quality, the precision machining industry is constantly tempering, improving equipment performance and comprehensive solutions, and has introduced Moore Nanotech’s latest ultra-precision machining machine – 250UPL- for the Chinese/Asian market. MP.

It is understood that the 250UPL-MP ultra-precision machining machine is specially developed and designed by Moore Nanotech for the field of optical molds with strict tolerances. Its advanced design is reflected in:

1. Spindle enhancement – The work spindle has been enhanced with a high rigidity porous graphite coated aerostatic spindle with a maximum speed of 5000 RPM, and optimized parameters to reduce the impact of spindle runout on the mold, the spindle axial runout is less than or equal to 4nm. It is worth mentioning that the equipment is also pre-buried with a drainage tank, which is suitable for large-flow flushing processing.

2. Reinforcement of the bed – the whole bed is cast with granite, which is more rigid than the previous bracket-type bed, and due to the thermal expansion coefficient of granite and steel, this equipment has better thermal stability in environments with large temperature fluctuations ;

3. Efficient computing – DELTA TAU POWER PMAC is equipped with a 1.2GHZ quad-core ARM, which supports simultaneous computing of high-density data tool paths and operation monitoring, and realizes the transmission of PMAC data and system operating conditions during the entire processing process.

4. Efficient Manufacturing – The machine size has been increased to accommodate the configuration of the hydrostatic B-axis and the grinding configuration. The X and Z axes are increased to 250mm stroke. After expanding the space, it is equipped with multi-tool turning, grinding, fast tool servo, etc., which can realize two-axis or complex free-form surface processing, such as AR/VR, etc.

5. Reduce errors – improve the impact of environmental factors on the machine by optimizing machine parameters. Compared to the standard 250UPL V2, the 250UPL MP significantly reduces following error (up to 40%).

6. Reduced Knife Lines – By improving the mechanical design and electronic control technology, the machine tool is more stable, and the surface roughness and the turning knife lines of the overall machined surface are significantly improved.

With the above six advanced designs, the 250UPL-MP ultra-precision machining machine has a better performance in the machining of high-precision optical molds.


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