Application of medical precision laser processing in cutting nickel-titanium tubes

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Laser cutting, as a kind of precision laser micromachining technology, has been widely used in medical microtubule cutting. Such as nickel-titanium heart stent, nickel-titanium vascular stent and so on. Laser cutting The nickel-titanium heart stent is cut by irradiating the surface of the nickel-titanium pipe with a high energy laser beam, which causes it to heat up rapidly and melts the ice and blows away the melt through the gas jet.

The focusing of the laser beam can realize the finer cutting requirements, so that the nickel-titanium tube can maintain high geometric accuracy and surface smoothness during cutting. Laser cutting speed is very fast, can complete a large amount of cutting tasks in a short time, improve production efficiency. Because of the above advantages of laser cutting, the laser cutting heat affected zone is smaller, which can reduce material deformation and residual stress, and extend the service life and performance stability of nickel-titanium tubes. Laser cutting using CNC system automatic control, can meet a variety of plane, surface, tube cutting needs of a variety of shapes, to meet the needs of different fields of laser micromachining.

In the manufacture of medical devices, nickel-titanium tubes are widely used in the production of medical interventional devices such as heart stents and vascular stents. Laser cutting can achieve accurate dimensional control and complex structural processing, with the highest accuracy of 5um. Of course, this higher quality laser cutting technology, derived from the birth of a new femtosecond laser cutting machine, as the highest technology content of laser cutting equipment, in nickel-titanium tube cutting, can achieve a one-time cutting of one side of the tube wall, and continuous automatic feed, cutting the finished product surface smooth, no burrs, heat affected area is very small. It is widely used in the micro-machining of various alloy brackets such as nickel-titanium and cobalt-chromium.

When choosing laser cutting equipment, it is necessary to choose the appropriate laser equipment and parameters according to the different materials to ensure the stability, accuracy and cutting quality of the processing. As a common medical interventional stent product, nickel-titanium tube has a broad application prospect in the medical industry. The emergence of femtosecond laser cutting machine has greatly improved the cutting quality and cutting efficiency of nickel-titanium tubes. With the continuous development and improvement of laser cutting technology, laser cutting has a wider range of applications in the cutting of various materials. As a professional femtosecond laser cutting machine manufacturer, advanced production technology, perfect after-sales service, can provide different materials of sample proofing and remote technical support, welcome to the material proofing!

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