Precision laser cutting machine LED flexible strip cutting technology

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Precision laser cutting machine manufacturer men-luck is a professional manufacturer of laser micro-machining equipment, equipment variety, complete models, can meet a variety of materials of plane, surface, tube products laser cutting needs, the following laser cutting process for flexible lamp belt detailed introduction.

LED lights can be seen everywhere in daily life, the flexible lamp belt for LED lights is a breakthrough product in LED light technology, because of its soft and durable, low cost, small structure, strong light, but also make up for the lack of glass neon tubes, more energy saving and environmental protection, has become the mainstream development direction of the LED light market. In the production process of the lamp belt need to be cut, because of the high cutting process requirements, need to use a special laser cutting machine to cut out high-quality flexible lamp belt.

Precision laser cutting machine LED flexible strip cutting technology-stent cutting,laser stent cutter,Menlaser is medical stent,coronary stent,heart stent cutting machine from China

Cutting in the long hundreds of meters, 1mm wide flexible light belt, the traditional cutting method is difficult to achieve accurate size, high quality cutting effect, but the men-luck flexible light belt laser cutting machine can do it, the cutting machine is a high-precision fiber laser cutting machine dedicated to metal materials, the light source is stable, the use of non-contact cutting, high precision. The heat affected area is small, the cutting surface is smooth and flat, no black and yellow problems, is an efficient and energy-saving precision laser cutting machine, very suitable for the cutting of LED flexible light belt.

LED flexible lamp laser cutting machine is also widely used in medical equipment, electronic 3C, semiconductor integrated circuit field. men-luck can optimize the configuration of the equipment according to the different applications, such as fiber laser, femtosecond laser, cutting head, automatic vision compensation system, automatic loading and unloading system, etc., can be configured according to the actual needs of customers.

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