Application of laser welding in medical equipment

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Although laser welding is an advanced welding equipment, it is easy to operate, so newcomers can get started quickly as long as they study and practice carefully. The equipment can be used for welding various metal materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, iron, copper, etc. The common welding methods are spot welding, butt welding, surfacing welding, sealing welding, butt welding, etc.

Laser welding machines are widely used in various industries such as electronic appliances, building materials, jewelry, aviation, hardware manufacturing, sheet metal manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and modification, and biomedicine. Laser welding is a non-contact welding process, which has the advantages of fast welding speed and no pollution to products. Due to the particularity of medical device products and their strict quality standards, laser welding technology can just meet the requirements of medical device processing technology.

For example, the molding process of the heart stent and its markers requires laser welding to weld the disc into a special eye hole, so that when the heart stent is transported to the destination, the radiopaque at both ends of the stent can clearly see other traces and open state. This laser welding process is just enough to effectively join two extremely small interventional medical device components.

There is also the application of gastroscope biopsy forceps welding process, the traditional processing is to use riveting, resistance welding and other methods. The riveting method will leave problems such as burrs on the surface of the puncture gun, and the resistance welding will also cause great deformation of the parts, which will affect the practical application of the puncture gun. However, gastroscopy biopsy forceps need to go deep into the inside of the patient’s body, so the requirements for the biopsy forceps are very strict. Its components must have a certain tensile strength, and no burrs on the surface are allowed. Laser welding technology has the advantages of non-contact processing, small heat-affected range, high processing accuracy, smooth welding joints and no burrs, which can just meet the requirements of welding processes such as no defects, no creases, no burrs, and no cracks in biopsy forceps. The various welding requirements of medical devices make laser welding more and more widely used in the field of medical devices.

There are still many applications of laser welding in the field of medical devices, and laser cutting technology has a wide range of applications in the field of medical devices. For example, the precision laser cutting machine produced by our company can be used for laser micro-cutting and drilling of various stents, endoscopic snake bones, surgical instruments, orthopedic instruments, etc. Our company has many years of research and development experience. The precision cutting equipment and laser welding equipment produced by our company are advanced in technology and complete in variety, which can meet various laser processing needs of customers. Welcome to consult and leave a message

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