The role of laser cutting and scribing in semiconductor manufacturing

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Semiconductor is a kind of conductive controllable, between conductor and insulator material, semiconductor in People’s Daily life and work is indispensable, such as consumer electronics, integrated circuits, communication equipment, photovoltaic power generation, lighting, medical equipment and high-power power conversion field is widely used. For example, a diode is an electronic device made of semiconductor materials. Laser technology is often used in semiconductor manufacturing because of its precise, ultra-fine, versatile and powerful beam, such as laser cutting, drilling, welding, engraving, marking and so on.

As various devices such as electronic 3C become more and more miniaturized, semiconductors are becoming more and more refined and miniaturized in order to adapt to these small and fine devices. Laser cutting, marking, etc. are used in the production of semiconductors, and there are various process links. For example, cutting the primary wafer from the crystal block, or cutting the template from the film, using laser cutting chip because of the rapid cutting of the laser beam and no thermal influence, to ensure that the chip performance, quality is not changed, and the cutting surface is smooth, high precision; Laser cutting can achieve a variety of graphics and sizes of cutting, which are not possible with traditional cutting processes. For example, using laser cutting wafers can reduce tool wear and material loss, and achieve higher yields.

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Another process for cutting is marking – drilling a series of closely spaced or overlapping blind holes in the surface of the material. This is a method widely used in semiconductor manufacturing, such as cutting alumina substrates into chip carriers or separating silicon wafers into chips. It is worth noting that the type of laser required for marking depends on the material used. Alumina scribing uses a CO2 laser, while silicon scribing uses Nd:YAG lasers because different materials have different absorption rates at different wavelengths. For aluminum oxide with a thickness of about 0.025 inches, a medium power CO2 laser can line the material at a rate of about 10 inches per second, while for similar lasers the cutting rate may be a few tenths of an inch per second, and scribing also provides the advantage of being able to scribe the substrate before processing is complete. It is then easily separated into chips after processing.

Laser welding is also widely used in semiconductor processing. For example, diode welding is to melt the adjacent parts of the semiconductor component together, such as fixing the wafer on the support plate, for the support plate to be bonded, the laser first makes a identification mark on the frame, and then roughens the surface to ensure that the two parts are firmly combined.

There are two commonly used marking methods for semiconductors, etching marking and annealing marking. Etch marking refers to the use of lasers to remove thin layers of material, leaving a texture mark about 12 to 25 microns deep, and is also a marking method that is used more frequently. Semiconductor laser marking is mainly used for product traceability and readability. Product traceability means that the product can be tracked through multiple steps of production as well as the final distribution. This makes it easier to find and isolate specific categories of defects. The labeled chips must also be readable, as labeling is a useful way to determine which product is suitable for a particular application.

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