Application of laser micro-cutting technology in medical industry

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With the development of emerging industries such as artificial intelligence and 5G technology, the medical field has also undergone tremendous changes driven by technology. In an environment where the domestic health industry is in urgent need of development, medical technology has received active promotion and support from various industries, showing a momentum of vigorous development.

As one of the most mature precision processing technologies, laser cutting technology has been widely used in the medical industry. As manufacturing companies’ demand for precision processing and easy-to-operate equipment continues to increase, laser cutting machines have received more and more attention as an efficient and precise processing tool. In the medical industry, many tiny devices such as implantable medical chips and cardiac stents require fine cutting and processing. These products are directly related to human life safety, so the processing quality requirements are extremely high.

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The application of laser cutting technology in the medical industry provides important support for the development of the medical field and promotes the qualitative improvement of medical standards. The laser cutting machine adopts non-contact processing, and the cutting head will not make direct contact with the surface of the material being processed, so it will not cause scratches on the material. The most basic requirement for the production of medical devices is that the surface is smooth and flat, and laser cutting technology not only has a smooth and flat surface, but also has high cutting precision. For example, some vascular stents implanted in the human body have a diameter of only 2mm, and ordinary technology cannot achieve the cutting effect. Laser cutting technology can cut vascular stents with a slit width of less than 20um, with a level of precision that cannot be achieved by other processing technologies.

In addition to its application in medical micro-devices, laser cutting technology also plays an important role in medical device manufacturing, medical equipment parts processing and other fields. For example, in the manufacturing of medical devices such as artificial joints and prostheses, laser cutting technology can achieve precise cutting and engraving of metal materials to ensure the accuracy and quality of the product. In terms of processing medical equipment parts, laser cutting technology can achieve fine processing of various materials and meet the strict requirements of medical equipment for component accuracy and surface quality.

With the continuous advancement of medical technology and the continuous growth of the demand for various types of medical devices, laser cutting technology has broad application prospects in the medical industry. In the future, with the continuous innovation and improvement of laser equipment technology, laser cutting technology will play a more irreplaceable role in the medical industry and inject new vitality into the development of the medical field. As a manufacturer of laser micromachining equipment, we will continue to increase investment in research and development, produce more high-tech laser equipment, open up more international markets, bring more breakthroughs and progress to the medical industry, and contribute to human health. Make greater contributions to the cause.

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