Laser cutting machine micro-processing technology for medical implantable chips

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The manufacturing and processing of medical devices are critical to human health and life safety. In our country, the manufacturing of medical devices has always been restricted by international cutting-edge technology companies. It was not until the introduction of high-precision laser micromachining technology that the manufacturing quality of medical devices in our country was greatly improved and the development of the medical industry was accelerated. However, medical implantable chips not only require high precision, but also have complex production processes, so the threshold for manufacturing medical implantable chips is also high. As a professional R&D and manufacturer of high-precision laser cutting machines, it has many years of experience in the laser micro-machining industry. The following is a detailed introduction to the processing technology of medical implantable chips.

Microfluidic chips integrate basic operating units such as sample preparation, reaction, separation, and detection in biological, chemical, and medical analysis processes onto a micron-scale chip to realize automatic analysis, and thus have been widely used. Because microfluidic chips have great potential in biology, chemistry, medicine and other fields, they have developed into an emerging research field that intersects biology, chemistry, medicine, fluids, electronics, materials, machinery and other disciplines. Some micro-flow channels in the chip need to be processed by laser cutting. However, when laser cutting the film of the microfluidic chip, the edges of the flow channels are commonly carbonized and bulged, which affects the quality of the microfluidic chip. Assembly and inspection accuracy.

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For this reason, laser cutting machine manufacturer men-luck has specially developed a precision chip laser cutting machine. It has special process technology in terms of processing accuracy, processing quality and teaching efficiency, making it the best choice for chip processing. The main advantages of this equipment are as follows:

1. High cutting precision and good quality: Due to the small laser spot, high energy density, high cutting precision, smooth cutting surface, good verticality, no yellowing, blackening, deterioration and other problems, no post-processing is required, so better cutting can be obtained quality;
2. Fast cutting speed: The femtosecond and picosecond repetition frequencies are very high, the galvanometer speed is fast, and according to the design route, there is no idle movement, so the cutting efficiency is relatively high;
3. Small slit width: Laser cutting slits are narrow, small, and parallel on both sides, so smaller instruments can be processed;
4. Non-contact cutting: There is no contact between the nozzle and the workpiece during laser cutting, and there is no tool wear;
5. Strong adaptability: suitable for processing various materials.

Femtosecond and picosecond, as currently the most precise cutting methods, are used in more and more industries and on more and more materials. Laser microdissection plays an important role in the development of medical devices. Due to its high precision, high quality, high efficiency, non-contact cutting, flexible processing and other characteristics, it has been called an indispensable equipment for processing in the medical device industry. Men-luck laser cutting machines are rich in types and models, which can meet the processing of various applications. If you have needs, you can make an appointment for proofing first. According to the proofing results and requirements, the laser cutting machine can be specially configured to meet the highest cutting needs.

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