Detailed explanation of the process requirements of laser cutting machine in stent cutting

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As we all know, laser cutting is to use the high-power and high-density energy generated by laser focusing to realize laser micro-cutting. This invisible beam replaces the traditional mechanical knife, and has the processing advantages of high precision, high quality, high speed, high efficiency and low cost that cannot be achieved by traditional mechanical knife, so it is especially suitable for the processing of precision medical devices.

Stents are mainly used to treat diseases such as stenosis or dilation of the lumen in the human body. Generally, the inner stent is implanted at the lesion to achieve the effect of forming a stenotic occlusion segment of the blood vessel, so as to reduce the elastic retraction and remodeling of the blood vessel, and finally let the stent The blood flow in the cavity is smooth. Some internal stents also have the function of preventing vascular restenosis. The stents that can be processed by MEN-LUCK laser cutting machine mainly include various medical precision instruments such as coronary stents, cerebrovascular stents, venous filter stents, renal artery stents, and aortic stents. The most common part of stent implantation in the human body is the systemic artery, so the requirements for stent size accuracy and cutting quality are very high.

Factors affecting the quality of stent cutting:

The cutting quality of the laser cutting machine bracket mainly includes the width of the incision, the surface roughness of the incision, the width of the heat-affected zone, the ripple of the cutting section, and the slag hanging on the section. The main influencing factors are raw material performance, such as material type, shape, size, surface state, etc., precision cutting machine system accuracy, table vibration, laser wavelength, output power, beam mode, beam shape, focal length, focus position, Focus depth, spot diameter, etc., processing parameters such as material feed speed, precision, auxiliary gas parameters, nozzle shape, hole size, cutting path settings, etc.

Laser cutting machine requirements for cutting materials:
The raw material of the bracket is generally thin-walled metal pipe, and seamless pipe is required to ensure the consistency and continuity of the material. Stents are generally three types of medical devices. Not only the uniformity of raw material composition, but also its size and shape requirements, such as pipe diameter, wall thickness, dimensional deviation, straightness, cylindricity, coaxiality and other parameters must be considered. Commonly used materials are mainly 316LVM medical stainless steel, cobalt-chromium alloy or nickel-titanium alloy.

Laser cutting machine design requirements for cutting path:
Although the laser accuracy is high, the error caused by the tiny precision instrument like the bracket along the length direction of the processed pipe cannot be ignored. If the width of the bracket rod changes too much, the bracket will lose its supporting function, so the cutting path The design of the cutting machine is especially important, and the best cutting path design is very important, which can compensate or avoid this kind of error.

Requirements of laser cutting machine for laser processing system:
The lasers used for cutting metal stents are mainly nanosecond lasers and femtosecond lasers. As precision medical devices implanted in the human body, relatively speaking, the narrower the cutting slit width, the better, so the diameter of the focused laser spot is required to be small.

Laser cutting machine requirements for laser airflow and nozzles:
Stent laser cutting adopts oxygen-assisted melting cutting, the purity of oxygen is 99.95%, and the pressure is 0.3-0.6MPa. The airflow in laser cutting can provide part of the cutting energy.

As a professional stent laser cutting machine manufacturer, the main medical laser equipment includes endoscopic snake bone laser cutting machine, stent laser cutting machine, orthopedic instrument laser cutting machine, surgical instrument cutting machine, which can meet various materials and sizes The cutting needs of plane, curved surface, metal pipe medical cutting, advanced technology, quality assurance, perfect after-sales service! We can provide proofing services for various medical devices. If you are satisfied with the proofing and cooperate again, please feel free to call us for consultation!

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