Laser cutting machine ceramic circuit board cutting technology

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the application of electronic products more and more extensive, but also more and more miniaturized, not only multi-functional, but also high performance. This has promoted the rapid development of PCB to high-density and high-precision, and ceramic circuit board is one of them. Ceramic circuit board is widely used in 3C electronics industry because of its mechanical stress, good thermal cycling and electrical insulation properties.

The main raw materials of thin film ceramic substrate include zirconia, aluminum nitride, alumina (AL2O3), silicon oxide and so on. Alumina has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature stability, high hardness and excellent mechanical properties, and is the most used ceramic substrate material.

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Alumina film substrate sample

Because of its high hardness and high brittleness, the ceramic substrate is relatively easy to break, which increases the difficulty of cutting. The laser cutting is a kind of thermal cutting, which can avoid the problem of fragile cutting well, and the high energy laser beam can irradiate the surface of the ceramic substrate and melt instantly to achieve the purpose of cutting. men-luck ceramic laser cutting machine can process any graphics, automatic CCD focusing, positioning, automatic box to box loading and unloading, is the film circuit, microwave communication and other electronic components of the ceramic circuit board processing the most ideal choice.

Ceramic laser cutting machine is dedicated to laser cutting, drilling, marking and other micro-processing of ceramic materials. Years of laser cutting machine R & D and production experience, mature equipment process, advanced technology, according to customer processing needs to proofing, and provide proofing quality testing, but also according to demand for ceramic laser cutting machine equipment customized models, in the use of any problems, we provide 24 hours of after-sales technical support. Welcome new and old customers to inquire and negotiate business.

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