What are the main cutting materials of picosecond laser cutting machine?

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In the precision laser cutting machine industry, everyone is well-known when it comes to femtosecond laser cutting machines, but when it comes to picosecond laser cutting machines, they are relatively unfamiliar. What are the main cutting materials of picosecond laser cutting machines, and what is the cutting range? Let’s take a look at the detailed explanation from men-luck, a professional laser cutting machine manufacturer.

Picosecond laser cutting machine is also a high-precision laser cutting equipment. It is mainly used for cutting metal and non-metallic thin materials. Like femtosecond laser cutting machine, the precision can also reach micron level. It is mainly used in aerospace, automotive parts and so on. Cutting of components, medical equipment, and 3C electronic components. These industries require high precision and require equipment such as picosecond laser cutting machines, which not only have high cutting efficiency, but also have good cut quality.

Picosecond laser cutting machine for cutting film materials: plastic films and composite films of other transparent materials such as PET film, PI film, PP film, etc. It is mainly used for laser micro-processing such as wave density cutting, drilling, and etching, as well as lamination. Cutting, etching, etc. of thin film materials such as copper, copper, aluminum, ITO, silver paste, FTO, etc.; achieving full and half cutting of covering films, etc.

Picosecond laser cutting machine for cutting ceramic materials: Ceramic materials are generally used as substrates in the 3C electronics industry and have very high requirements for cutting. Picosecond laser cutting machines use their high-quality performance to cut alumina, zirconia, and silicon wafers. Drilling and other laser micro-cutting.

Picosecond laser cutting machine for circuit board cutting: As the most widely used material in the electronics industry, circuit boards require high cutting accuracy and processing efficiency. Picosecond laser cutting machines can perform fine cutting of circuit boards made of various materials within 6mm. Depaneling, etc., such as: PCB circuit board cutting, fine cutting of FR4, reinforced steel sheets, FPC, soft-hard composite boards, fiberglass boards, etc.

Picosecond laser cutting machine cutting of thin metal materials: metal materials generally not exceeding 0.2mm, such as aluminum foil, copper foil, stainless steel, alloy materials, etc. Ultra-thin 3C glass materials are also available. They are cut by picosecond laser and have no burrs, low carbonization, no deformation, and small edge chipping. They are used in precision 3C machine components, military parts, photovoltaic copper foil and other industries.

Picosecond laser cutting machine, like ultra-fast femtosecond laser cutting machine, is widely used. Ultra-fast femtosecond laser cutting machine is more suitable for precision medical equipment. In addition, our stent laser cutting machine, femtosecond laser cutting machine, snake bone laser cutting machine, hypotube laser cutting machine, surgical instrument cutting machine, metal laser cutting machine, alloy laser cutting machine, stainless steel laser cutting machine, etc. can meet the needs of electronic products. The cutting equipment, marking equipment, and welding equipment required for fine cutting in various industries such as 3C, medical equipment, and semiconductor integrated circuits are rich in types and models. In addition, our company can provide proofing services before ordering equipment. Welcome to men-luck for consultation and proofing, Mobile phone number 0086-18094440411 (WhatsApp)!

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