Laser cutting machine focusing mirror how to choose?

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Laser cutting machine has many components, each component is extremely important. How to cut a good quality finished product, in addition to the overall quality of the equipment, is very important for the choice of focusing mirror, collimator and optical fiber. The following professional laser cutting machine manufacturer men-luck explains in detail how to choose a focusing mirror.

Laser cutting machine focusing mirror generally has two kinds of flat convex and flat concave, using BK7 (LBK) or fused quartz (LFS) light to enter from one side and emit from the other side, used to modify the wavefront curvature of the light through the lens, and then focus the laser beam on a very small precise spot for cutting various materials.

In terms of the thickness of the focusing mirror, thin lenses (thickness less than or equal to 6mm) are often used to cut non-metallic sheets, and thick lenses (thickness greater than 6mm) are often used to cut metal sheets. There are many focusing mirror models, the focal length is 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm and so on. The choice of focal length needs to be determined according to the laser power and material thickness. For example, for a 3000 watt laser cutting machine, a focal length of 125mm or 150mm is generally selected. Using a 125mm focal length cutting head, thin sheet cutting speed is faster. If you choose a 150mm focal length cutting head, the cutting speed of the sheet will be slightly slower, but for iron plates of more than 1.5mm thickness, the edge burrs will be less, the cutting section of 16mm and 20mm thick plates can also be perforated, and the perforation time is shorter than that of 125mm focal length, and it is easier to perforate.

From the cutting material, cutting stainless steel plate and aluminum plate is, can not use too thin lenses, because to blow high pressure gas, the lens is too thin easy to break. When cutting metal material plate, it is easy to spray slag onto the lens, so use thick lenses when cutting metal.

The coating is a laser anti-reflection film, which should choose different coating technical parameters according to the use of the environment. The focusing lens itself has a large difference in market price, and various quality lenses are available, so it is more careful when choosing.

The collimator functions as a convex mirror, which can convert the output of the optical fiber into parallel light. In the laser cutting machine industry, the commonly used collimator sizes are generally 75 mm and 100 mm. The 75 mm collimator is mainly used in early low-power laser cutting machines, such as 500 watts and 300 watts cutting machines. In addition, most cutting machines choose to use a 100 mm collimator. At present, most cutting heads use an electrically adjusted collimator to change the direction of the beam, while the focusing mirror is fixed in one position.

Laser cutting machine equipment to choose what type of focusing mirror, collimator depends on the type of cutting material thickness and cutting speed and other parameters, in addition to cutting gas will also affect the quality of cutting, according to the specific application of the material selection of gas. Laser cutting machine focusing mirror itself is a wearing part, you can protect the lens through regular cleaning, before and after cleaning to check the situation of the focusing mirror, to ensure that the equipment is running when the focusing lens normal and efficient work!

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