Cutting machine manufacturers introduce the application of laser cutting in special materials

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Generally, reusable medical devices are made of stainless steel. Some special metal materials in medical device manufacturing bring unique challenges to laser cutting machines. The advantages of laser cutting make it possible to provide a variety of solutions for manufacturing The magnesium, nickel-titanium alloy, platinum, etc. of the stent should be cut with a femtosecond laser, because the femtosecond laser is suitable for cutting small, thin and delicate parts such as heart stents and hypotubes, and the cutting quality requirements are high. Performance is not affected.

Application of femtosecond laser in cutting magnesium stents

In the United States, nearly 2 million stents are implanted in patients every year. Femtosecond laser cutting is the most ideal choice for manufacturing these stents. Simple; support wet cutting method, when the pipe is very thin, the back wall will not suffer thermal damage and cause performance changes.

After the stent is implanted, sometimes the plaque will re-form in the site and cause blood vessel blockage, resulting in narrowing of the blood vessel. For such problems, bioabsorbable stents can be used to solve it. The earliest bioabsorbable scaffolds were made of organic materials such as polylactic acid (PLLA), but the quality was not satisfactory. Later, absorbable metal magnesium scaffolds were found to be a good alternative material. The thermal properties of magnesium metal scaffolds mean that fiber laser After processing, the cutting surface will produce small metal droplets, similar to burrs, which require mechanical cleaning for post-processing operations. But this may damage the thin struts required in the stent design, and post-processing may also result in a yield of only 50%, but femtosecond lasers solve this problem very well.

Application of Fiber Laser Cutting in Nitinol Stents

Nitinol has special properties of superelasticity and shape memory that give it some advantages for use in a number of different implantable devices and procedures, including TAVR. Many stents are now made of absorbable polymers, which can solve the problem of narrowing. Manufacturers of laser micromachining equipment all over the world are striving to produce medical stent laser cutting machines, femtosecond laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, laser marking machines and other equipment with higher technical content.

Application of Erosion Cutting in Platinum Cutting

The difference between erosive cutting and other laser cutting is that cutting is carried out with laser focus, including at least tens, sometimes even thousands of repeated laser passes, each ablation of a few microns of material. But thanks to the high-speed galvanometers, up to thousands of passes can be performed in minutes. This unique process works on virtually any metal, as well as other harder materials.

In the manufacture of medical devices, femtosecond laser and fiber laser cutting are the most widely used, but a few manufacturers have been researching and using the new process of erosion cutting, and ES Precision is the pioneer of this method. The company uses the technology as a low-cost alternative to femtosecond laser cutting for the manufacture of products including medical and biotech applications and platinum-based components used in fuel cells.

The upgrading of each laser product is the progress of the times, the progress of science and technology, and the result of the continuous efforts of many R&D teams. As a professional manufacturer of laser cutting machines, MEN-LUCK has also been working hard to upgrade laser micro-processing equipment. , Let the laser cutting machine process better quality medical device products.

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