Laser microcutting commonly used several processing methods, which is better?

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Laser cutting has been simple from a long time ago to as laser technology becomes more and more mature, it has been widely used in a variety of thick and thin materials. The future development of laser cutting machine will be two different directions. With the upgrading of the existing technology, when the plate is getting thicker and larger, the cutting technology is getting simpler and easier to use, and the cost is getting lower and lower; The other direction is to study the new cutting media and cutting methods, in the processing efficiency and cutting quality requirements of higher and higher technical needs, cutting quality and efficiency are getting higher and higher.

On the basis of stable, safe and efficient control system of laser cutting machine, simple and convenient operation is very important. At present, the laser cutting control system is mainly through the software fiber laser, CNC technology, optical technology and high-precision workpiece positioning combination, more efficient processing of high-quality products. The commonly used software systems in China are mainly Baichu, Wei Hong, Jiaqiang, Osendico, etc., which is loaded from the original simple G code to the current intelligent processing. What are the main import methods? Men-Luck, a professional laser cutting machine manufacturer, detailed several import methods of the control system today.

1. G code import: Direct processing by importing G code manually written or generated by nesting software. This is the most traditional and most secure processing method, most foreign systems are using G code import method.

2. Drawing/parts library processing: In this way, you can either draw manually on the cutting software directly, or you can call the part model of the parts library, and the cutting software will automatically convert the graphics into G code for processing. This is the standard of domestic laser cutting software, simple, convenient and practical.

3. Graphics import: Laser cutting software can directly load and import CAD drawings such as DXF/DWG, eliminating the need for intermediate operations on other machines, and improving efficiency.

4. Engineering file import: laser cutting not only contains G code, but also the corresponding processing technology, which is more suitable for batch product processing of some common products and special processes, so that customers can operate more easily.

With the continuous improvement of the demand for intelligent application scenarios, all kinds of import software systems are also continuously updated, and there may be more new and efficient import methods for scanning code processing and photo processing in the future. The application of laser micromachining is more extensive and refined, and the quality level of the operator is not the same, so the processing method of a laser cutting machine software needs to meet different people, industries and different application scenarios.

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