Laser cutting machine cutting sample quality how to judge

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Laypeople generally from the appearance of laser cutting machine equipment or components is difficult to see its quality is good or bad, all know that laser cutting machine is good or bad mainly to see the quality of cutting samples, which is indeed the most direct way to monitor the quality of laser cutting machine. However, how to distinguish the quality of the specific sample, the following professional laser cutting machine manufacturer Men-Luck teaches you to distinguish the quality of the cutting sample.

The burr on the surface of the sample: the burr is the hanging slag produced by the laser cutting that is not quickly blown off, the hanging slag is an important factor affecting the quality of the cutting sample, the need for post-treatment of the hanging slag, it is necessary to increase the additional work, so the less hanging slag the higher the quality of the cutting sample. But that’s just one quality factor.

Sample cutting surface verticality: the greater the thickness of the sample, the clearer the verticality, the more vertical the edge, the higher the cutting quality. As the laser beam diverges away from the focus, the cut widens toward the top or bottom, depending on the location of the focus. The cut edge will deviate from the vertical line by a few millimeters, resulting in a decrease in the quality of perpendicularity.

Sample cutting seam width: half of the thicker plate has little impact on the seam width, but it is different for precision instruments, generally like vascular stent, endoscopic snake bone and other medical devices, the maximum diameter of its own may only be 10mm, the smallest 2mm, the seam width is too large, the support force of vascular stent and other data can not meet the requirements, the worse the cutting quality. Men-Luck laser cutting machine cutting seam width can reach a minimum of 20um, is the current laser cutting market more competitive laser micromachining equipment.

Sample heat affected zone size: Because laser cutting is generally through the high energy laser beam to make the cutting surface rapidly high temperature and melt away to achieve the purpose of cutting, so the area near the incision is heated, the heat affected area due to high temperature may lead to changes in its own structure, resulting in its performance and other qualities may change, such as some metal hardening. Therefore, the smaller the heat affected zone of laser processing, the higher the quality of the sample itself.

Through the above aspects, the quality of the laser processing sample can be judged, and then the quality of the laser cutting machine can be judged. In order to cut a good product from the laser cutting machine, of course, the laser should be debuggable according to demand, choose the right laser, cutting and so on. More about the laser cutting machine purchase, welcome to our official website at any time to understand!

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