Fiber laser cutting machine foam double-sided tape laser cutting process

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Men-luck, a professional laser cutting machine manufacturer, is a company integrating the production, sales and service of laser micro-processing equipment such as laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, and laser marking machines. We provide various types of micro-machining equipment from stock all year round and provide sample proofing and testing. We can also customize equipment according to customers’ actual applications.

As the application of laser cutting becomes more and more widespread, laser cutting can be used for both metal and non-metal. Coat adhesive on the foam base material and cover it with double-sided tape made of release paper and release film. As a common foam double-sided tape in our lives, it is better to use a laser cutting machine to cut it. The following is a detailed explanation of the foam laser cutting machine.

The traditional cutting processes for foam double-sided tape include manual cutting, stamping, knife cutting, etc. In recent years, with the widespread application of laser cutting technology, it has also begun to be used for cutting foam double-sided tape, so the laser cutting machine is also called Foam double-sided tape laser cutting machine. This machine uses a high-energy laser beam to irradiate the surface of the double-sided tape to form a high-temperature area, which is instantly vaporized to achieve the cutting effect. The cutting surface of the foam double-sided tape is flat and smooth, with no burrs, beautiful edges, and no problems such as yellowing or blackening. The equipment adopts an open CNC system. By importing the drawn pattern, the system can control the cutting of various complex shapes according to the pattern. It has high precision and fast speed. Because it is laser non-contact cutting, there is no mechanical stress, so the product surface will not When deformation occurs, both efficiency and cutting accuracy far exceed traditional processes.

This laser cutting machine uses fiber laser, the light source is delicate and stable, and can be used for cutting, drilling, engraving and other processes of various non-metallic materials. Men-luck, a laser cutting machine manufacturer, supplies various types of laser cutting equipment all year round. It has complete models, advanced technology and high cost performance. It can be used for laser micro-machining of flat surfaces, complex curved surfaces and pipes of various metal and non-metal materials. If you have application cutting needs, Welcome to make an appointment for proofing at any time!

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