How to deal with the overburning problem of laser cutting samples?

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After the laser cutting machine is put into production, it must be operated and maintained in accordance with regulations, and if problems are found, it must be stopped in time to find out the cause. Have you ever encountered overburning problems in laser cut samples? How is this going? Let’s take a look at the detailed explanation from the manufacturer men-luck.

Let’s first look at the principle of laser cutting. Laser cutting uses a focusing mirror to focus the laser beam on the surface of the material so that the material melts and is blown away by the coaxial compressed gas of the laser beam. When the laser beam moves relative to the drawing pattern, it forms A cut of a certain shape. This kind of cutting movement is not repeated repeatedly, and the purpose of laser cutting is achieved.

To find the cause of laser overburning from the above process, first analyze the material surface. If the cutting material is carbon steel, the material will oxidize when exposed to the air and produce an oxide film. The thickness of the oxide film will be uneven, or it will become warped. This will cause the plate to absorb the laser beam energy unevenly, so the heat generated will also be unstable, which will lead to overburning problems.

Secondly, check whether there is heat accumulation. Normally, the heat of laser cutting spreads to the surroundings effectively and evenly, and then gets better cooling. However, if there is a problem with the cooling, heat accumulation will occur if the heat is not dissipated in time, which will cause overburning problems; it may also There is a problem that will aggravate the overburning problem. For example, the laser cutting trajectory involves multiple small-sized shapes. As the cutting progresses, heat will continue to accumulate, which will aggravate the overburning problem. When designing the laser cutting route, it is necessary to consider spreading the cutting route to reduce the possibility of heat accumulation. Heat buildup can also cause overheating in sharp corners.

The overburning heat transfer speed during laser cutting is 2m/min. When the cutting speed is greater than 2m/min, melting loss will basically not occur. Therefore, using a high-power laser and making the cutting speed greater than 2m/min can effectively prevent overburning problems caused during laser cutting. There’s nothing to be afraid of when problems arise, the key is to resolve them in a timely manner. For more common laser cutting machine technologies, please visit our official website to view!

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