Laser cutting machine lithium battery pole piece cutting process

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As energy-saving and environmentally friendly travel tools, new energy vehicles are promoted by the state. Supported by purchase policies, more and more people buy electric vehicles. The biggest difference between new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles is that the core power is changed from fuel to lithium battery. Lithium batteries are mainly divided into three parts: pole piece manufacturing, battery cell manufacturing and battery assembly. Every step affects the quality and performance of lithium batteries, so it is important to strictly control the production quality of each step. The cutting process of lithium battery pole pieces requires the use of high-precision laser cutting machines.

The men-luck lithium battery laser cutting machine has high cutting precision, smooth cutting surface, fast cutting speed, and small heat-affected area, so it has no thermal impact on the chip surface, will not turn yellow or black, and will not affect the quality and performance of the chip. It well avoids some problems that affect chip quality such as chip wear, slag, and dust that occur in traditional cutting methods. These quality problems may cause battery overheating, short circuit, or even explosion. This cutting machine is a new generation of high-energy-efficiency laser cutting machine developed by men-luck based on many years of production experience. It has high cutting efficiency and low operating costs. It is a precision laser cutting machine with high cost performance.

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In addition to cutting chips, lithium battery laser cutting machines can also be used for cutting metal foil, isolation films, cover films and other electronic 3C structural parts and integrated circuit-related accessories. In addition, men-luck can also customize equipment, laser heads, and lasers according to customer application cutting needs. Generally, the delivery cycle of customized laser cutting equipment is 15-45 days later than that of ordinary equipment, but we guarantee that the quality of the equipment must be the best. Okay, after completing production, we will conduct machine testing and trial operation of the equipment, and then cut samples to ensure that all performance indicators and parameters of the equipment are within the normal range, and it can be used normally after it is delivered to the customer.

If you have any purchase needs for laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, laser engraving machines and other equipment, please feel free to call or email us for consultation and negotiation. All our laser micro-machining equipment are complete in variety and model, and can meet the laser processing needs of various applications.

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