How to improve the cutting performance of heart stent cutting machine?

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In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, there are more and more heart disease patients, and the number of people who need to use various medical stents such as heart stents and vascular stents is increasing, and the performance requirements of stents are also getting higher and higher. The processing capacity of the machine is required to be higher. To improve the performance of the laser cutting machine, it is necessary not only to increase the cutting speed of the cutting machine, but also to improve the quality of the laser beam, the cutting process, and the structural optimization design of the machine tool and various components, etc., in order to ensure the stability, reliability and durability of the machine tool structure. On the basis of faster processing speed and processing quality.

Improve the flexible processing of the cutting machine, increase its degree of freedom in all aspects, make the machine suitable for processing various complex curved surface workpieces, improve the application of three-dimensional, four-dimensional and other multi-dimensional aspects, thereby improving the flexible processing of the bracket cutting machine. Men-Luck ultra-fast femtosecond laser cutting machine can now realize four-axis multi-dimensional processing, and supports centripetal, vertical, and composite opening feature processing of equal-diameter, variable-diameter tubes, plane, and curved surface instruments. It is mainly used for cardiac stents, extraction Laser micromachining of medical interventional instruments and surgical instruments such as stents, hypotubes with variable diameters, and polylactic acid bacteria degradation stents.

Increase research on laser cutting technology for larger and thicker sheets and smaller and thinner sheets. It is necessary to improve the quality of long-distance laser transmission, the cutting process of thick plates and large plates, and the design and manufacturing technology of high-power lasers, and develop large-format thick plate laser cutting equipment. It is also necessary to improve the cutting accuracy and cutting quality of smaller and thinner plates to meet the precision requirements of precision instruments such as human implant brackets and surgical instruments. Men-Luck four-axis heart stent cutting machine has a minimum cutting width of 15um, a minimum processing wall thickness of 0.02mm, a processing accuracy greater than or equal to 0.5um, and a cutting width of less than 20um. It is a precision laser cutting machine with high precision and high cost performance on the market. equipment.

Improve the intelligence of the cutting machine, take the laser control software as the core, combine the fiber laser with CNC technology, optical technology, workpiece positioning and other systems through the software, and develop laser processing equipment that is easy to operate, efficient and energy-saving. The more cost-effective equipment is more favored by the market. Compared with developed countries, the price of Men-Luck heart stent cutting machine is lower, and its quality and performance are more stable than those of developing countries. Therefore, both developed and developing countries have our products. client. Our company always adheres to the principle of quality first, customer first, perfect sales system, thoughtful pre-sales and after-sales service, and can provide sample testing. Welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to call for business negotiation.

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