What are the transmission modes of the fiber laser cutting machine?

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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Precision Laser Cutting Equipment


The fiber laser cutting machine uses a fiber laser generator as a light source for laser cutting. The high-energy-density laser beam irradiates the surface of the workpiece to melt and vaporize instantly, and the CNC mechanical system controls the workbench to move the spot to irradiate the operating position to realize automatic cutting. The transmission methods of fiber laser cutting machine mainly include ball screw and rack and pinion. The following two transmission methods are introduced in detail.

1. The ball screw of the transmission mode of the fiber laser cutting machine

Ball screws are used to change bearings from rolling motion to sliding motion, to convert rotary motion to linear motion, or to convert linear motion to rotary motion. Consisting of a screw, nut and balls, a ball screw converts rotational motion into linear motion. Due to its small frictional resistance, ball screws are widely used in various industrial equipment and precision instruments. This transmission method has the advantages of high efficiency, stability, high positioning accuracy and good synchronization.

2. Rack and pinion in the transmission mode of fiber laser cutting machine

Racks and pinions are mechanical parts that have teeth and can mesh with each other. Racks are divided into straight toothed racks and helical toothed racks, which are paired with straight toothed cylindrical gears and helical toothed cylindrical gears respectively; racks and pinions are widely used in mechanical equipment to achieve transfer motion, change motion speed, and change motion direction. The tooth profile of the rack is a straight line instead of an involute (for the tooth surface, it is a plane), which is equivalent to a cylindrical gear with an infinite radius of the pitch circle. This type of transmission can be extended indefinitely, which is more suitable for long-distance transmission; and the load-carrying capacity is stronger than that of the ball screw, which can work under high load and heavy load; the rack and pinion are easier to manufacture and relatively simple to install.

Different traditional methods of fiber laser cutting machines have different advantages. In precision laser cutting equipment, the transmission mode of ball screw is often used, because precision laser cutting is all precision-built, and the relative power is relatively small. Precision laser cutting equipment is mainly used in medical equipment, precision 3C structural parts, semiconductor integrated circuits, auto parts, hardware and other industries. For online consultation, appointment proofing and other services, please feel free to call!

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