Femtosecond laser cutting machine semiconductor test socket production process

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Femtosecond laser cutting machine is a type of cutting machine, but it has the best cutting technology among laser cutting equipment. It is a must-choice for cutting high-quality products in terms of cutting quality and cutting speed. Femtosecond laser cutting machines are used in the production of more precision instruments, semiconductor structural parts, and testing instruments, such as semiconductor test sockets, test probes, test blades, chip cutting, heart stents, vascular stents, hypotubes, etc. The following femtosecond laser cutting machine manufacturer men-luck introduces the laser cutting process of semiconductor test sockets in detail.

Electronic products have spread into every corner of our lives, and chips are important components of these electronic products. Mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and automotive information systems have more complex system-on-chips, and these system-on-chips have multiple processing components such as CPU, GPU, AI engine, camera processor, memory, and 5G modem all combined into one chip This leads to space compression, cost and power consumption challenges. At the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements for test sockets for testing system-level chips. Semiconductor test sockets can also be called chip test sockets. Semiconductor test sockets can provide a stable and reliable interface through which the test equipment and the device under test can be linked to detect chip quality and performance standards.

It is necessary to add more functions on the smallest possible chip, which results in very few integrated circuits, even less than 500 microns. It is also necessary to integrate key system components on one chip. The improvement of chip performance will cause Pin-to-pin noise, or “crosstalk” as it’s called in testing, can easily lead to false fault tests. Chip test sockets can make full use of the coaxial technology of integrated circuits to achieve 350µm spacing and provide ideal pin-to-pin isolation, reducing the impact of crosstalk during testing. The small diameter signal probe of the semiconductor chip test socket greatly improves the accuracy of chip performance testing. The high-precision production of semiconductor chip test sockets requires femtosecond laser cutting machines.

Femtosecond laser cutting machine semiconductor test socket production process-stent cutting,laser stent cutter,Menlaser is medical stent,coronary stent,heart stent cutting machine from China

The men-luck femtosecond laser cutting machine adopts the most advanced ultra-short pulse laser technology and can be used for laser micro-machining of various metal and non-metal materials. The cutting accuracy is high and can reach 5um; the cutting slit width is small and can be less than 20um; the heat dissipation speed is fast, which can avoid thermal effects, has no impact on the performance and quality of the production materials, and will not cause problems such as yellowing or blackening; the cutting surface is smooth and can be used in one go It can permanently cut through materials or single-sided pipe walls, and has fine processing capabilities such as dry and wet cutting, drilling, and engraving; supports the processing capabilities of centripetal, vertical, and composite opening features of equal-diameter pipes, variable-diameter pipes, planes, and complex curved surface instruments. ; Become a necessary equipment for the cutting and drilling process of semiconductor test sockets.

The men-luck femtosecond laser cutting machine can meet the processing needs of all industries that require high-precision processing without affecting quality and production efficiency. Such as various miniaturized components in the electronic 3C and semiconductor integrated circuit industries, various interventional medical devices such as coronary stents, cardiac stents, thrombectomy stents, degradable stents, lithotomy baskets, intravenous filter microstructures, etc. in the medical industry. Surgical instruments, these delicate small parts or instruments require processing by femtosecond laser cutting machines to meet high-precision and high-quality product requirements. men-luck femtosecond laser cutting machine has rich application and production experience in medical equipment, electronic 3C, semiconductor integrated circuit and other industries. If you have needs, you can call us for consultation or mail materials for sample cutting tests to verify men-luck femtosecond laser cutting machines. The power of laser cutting machines.

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