Detailed explanation of the vascular stent cutting process of femtosecond laser cutting machine

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At present, the use of cardiac stents in China is very mature. With the widespread application of cardiac stents, the production quality of domestic stents is getting better and better, which is inseparable from the advanced technology and technology of domestic laser cutting machines. As a professional laser micro-machining equipment manufacturer, men-luck will introduce the vascular stent production process in detail.

Coronary stent is one type of vascular stent, and it is also the most commonly used one. The current most advanced process for the production of high-quality stents is to use femtosecond laser cutting machines for cutting. This machine uses infrared or green light femtosecond laser, which has a small spot and shorter focal length. It can cut ultra-thin and ultra-fine materials. It can also achieve burr-free, smooth surface, fast cutting speed, and cutting quality and effect that other lasers cannot achieve. of. At the same time, the equipment is equipped with a visual system real-time online monitoring system, a closed optical path system, a combined precision thin-walled tube bushing support system that adapts to shape tolerance changes, and is compatible with precision D-type chucks, ER chucks, three-jaw chucks, etc. Thin-walled tube support system. It supports the fine processing capabilities of dry and wet cutting, and supports the centripetal, vertical and composite processing capabilities of equal diameter pipes, variable diameter pipes and flat instruments. The interface is intuitive and the operation is simple, making it the most ideal equipment choice for vascular stent production.

The vascular stent cut by the femtosecond laser cutting machine has high precision and smooth cutting surface, and does not require post-processing. The vascular stent materials that this machine can process mainly include nickel-titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, cobalt-chromium alloy, 316 stainless steel, polylactic acid degradable materials, etc. Special materials need to be sampled and tested first. No matter what the material is, you can mail it over for sample making. You are welcome to consult Men-luck at any time and make an appointment for vascular stent sample making!

As a professional femtosecond laser cutting machine manufacturer, men-luck has many years of experience in the production and manufacturing of laser micro-machining equipment. The equipment technology is mature and the process is advanced. It has passed 3C certification, so you can buy with confidence!

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