What are the advantages of closed precision laser cutting machine equipment?

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Most of the traditional large laser cutting machines are open, and some simple laser cutting machines are also open, but our precision laser cutting machine equipment is fully enclosed, so why? Everyone knows that the precision laser cutting machine uses a high-power-density laser beam to irradiate the surface of the material, melts or gasifies at a high temperature in a relatively short period of time, and blows away the slag or gasification from the slit to achieve the purpose of cutting. Our company’s precision laser cutting equipment adopts a closed structure, a large-mouthed front door design, easy to open and close, does not affect operation, maintenance and observation, fast cutting speed, smooth surface without dross. In the whole process of laser cutting, the closed laser cutting machine mainly has the following advantages.

1. Prevent laser damage to eyes

The lasers currently used for cutting are classified as Class III or Class IV lasers in the classification of laser classes, but it is forbidden for staff to look directly at them. The general laser operators have to observe the laser cutting carefully during the beginning period. Most of them like to stare at the cutting head, which will cause a tingling sensation to the eyes. After a long time, it will cause damage to the eyes. The transparent glass window can still see the cutting process and progress, and can also reduce the stimulation of the laser to the eyes. Generally, after adjusting the cutting parameters, the laser cutting machine door can be closed.

2. Prevent harm to the human body

Laser cutting belongs to thermal cutting. During the cutting process, it will not only release heat, but also generate slag and smoke. Even if the laser cutting machine is equipped with dust suction and slag collection devices, it is inevitable that smoke and slag will overflow or splashed on people. The closed design can effectively prevent smoke and dust and slag from being sprayed out, and has a good protection effect on the human body and the environment.

3. Prevent machinery from causing harm to the human body

Although the laser cutting machine uses laser instead of the traditional mechanical knife to work, its own mechanical accidents are relatively reduced, but it is running at high speed after all. The laser cutting machine adopts a fully enclosed structure when working, and its conductive device and laser cutting are basically the same as the whole process. The operator is in a completely isolated state, and only needs to open the door when testing the machine or checking for failures, which greatly reduces the probability of accidents.

Therefore, compared with the open type, the laser cutting machine with a fully enclosed structure is relatively safer. Our precision laser cutting equipment follows the design concept of ergonomics, exquisite and concise, flexible combination of software and hardware functions, open control, intuitive interface, support intelligent production management, perfect pre-sales and after-sales service, rest assured to buy!

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