Application of ultrafast laser in medical field

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In the era of epidemic in the past three years, China has increased its efforts in the construction of public health and primary medical care, the rapid development of domestic substitution of medical devices, and the medical device market has maintained a growth rate of more than 20%. A number of excellent enterprises, represented by Mindray Medical, Lepu Medical, Yuyue Medical, Shanghai Micro-Tech, have emerged in China, promoting the rapid growth of domestic medical devices.

The emergence of ultra-high precision processing technology, represented by ultra-fast laser, is conducive to the manufacturing of high-end medical devices and becomes the best choice for precision manufacturing technology of medical devices.

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Ultrafast laser realizes precision machining of medical devices


Ultrafast laser refers to the pulse laser with output laser pulse width of 10-12s (i.e. picosecond level) or less than picosecond level. Because of the extremely narrow pulse width and high energy density of ultra-fast laser, these characteristics make it possible to solve the processing bottlenecks of high, precision, sharp, hard and difficult which are difficult to achieve by conventional processing methods. It is widely used in precision processing of biomedical, aerospace and other industries, It is developing a “small and beautiful” new blue ocean.

Application of ultrafast laser in medical field-stent cutting,laser stent cutter,Menlaser is medical stent,coronary stent,heart stent cutting machine from China

The main pain points of medical+laser welding are that it is difficult to weld dissimilar materials, the differences in melting point, expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity of dissimilar materials, and the differences between material structures; The product has small fine size, high precision requirements, and needs high magnification visual assistance.

The main pain points of medical+laser cutting are that in the cutting of ultra-thin materials (general finger thickness < 0.2mm), the material is easy to deform, the thermal effect is too large, the edge carbonization is serious, there are burrs, the cutting gap is large, and the accuracy is low; Biodegradable materials have low hot melting point and are sensitive to temperature; Brittle materials are prone to edge collapse, surface microcracks and residual stress problems, and the yield of finished products is low.

In the material processing industry, because ultrafast laser can achieve high accuracy and minimal heat affected zone, it has obvious advantages in the processing of some heat-sensitive materials, such as cutting, drilling, material removal, photolithography, etc; Ultrafast laser is suitable for processing brittle transparent materials, superhard materials, precious metals, etc. For some medical applications such as micro scalpel, tweezers, microporous filter and other products, ultra-fast laser precision cutting can be achieved. Some glass chips, lenses, glass with micropores, etc. used in medical instruments can be cut by ultra-fast laser.

The role of invasive and minimally invasive instruments in accelerating treatment, reducing patient pain and promoting healing should not be underestimated. However, it is becoming more and more difficult to process these instruments and parts with traditional technology. In addition to being small enough to pass through fine tissues such as human blood vessels, perform complex procedures and meet safety and quality requirements, the common characteristics of such devices are: complex structure+thin wall+need for repeated clamping+very strict requirements for surface quality+high requirements for automation. The most typical one is the cardiac stent, which is extremely precise and expensive for a long time.

Because the wall tube of cardiac stent is extremely thin, laser processing is increasingly used instead of conventional mechanical cutting. However, using ordinary laser to process by ablation and melting, the processed cardiac stent has a series of problems such as too many burrs, non-uniform groove width, serious surface ablation, uneven rib width and so on. The emergence of picosecond laser and even femtosecond laser has been well used in the processing of cardiac stents. Around 2010, European and American countries have adopted ultra-fast laser processing of cardiac stents, which has achieved good results, and has gradually become the standard of the stent industry. Domestic medical device enterprises are also gradually trying to apply ultra-fast laser precision processing.

Application of ultrafast laser in medical cosmetology

The deep integration of laser technology and medical services promotes the continuous upgrading of the medical device industry. Ultrafast laser technology has been widely used in medical devices, medical services, biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals and other high-end technology fields, playing a more important role. In addition, ultra-fast laser is increasingly used directly in the field of human medical treatment, improving the lives of patients. From the perspective of application, in the field of biomedicine, ultrafast laser will lead in ophthalmic surgery, laser beauty, such as skin beauty, tattoo removal, hair removal, etc.

Application of ultrafast laser in medical field-stent cutting,laser stent cutter,Menlaser is medical stent,coronary stent,heart stent cutting machine from China

Laser technology has been used in medical cosmetology and surgery for a long time. In the past, excimer laser technology was used in myopia surgery for a long time, while CO2 dot matrix laser was used in freckle surgery. The emergence of ultra-fast laser has been rapidly promoted. Among many myopia correction operations, full-femtosecond laser surgery has become the mainstream method to treat myopia. The average cost of myopia correction surgery is about 20000 yuan, and the glasses can be removed, which is widely welcomed by students and young people. Compared with the traditional excimer laser surgery, the full femtosecond laser surgery has the advantages of high accuracy, no obvious pain and good visual effect after operation.

In terms of beauty, ultrafast laser can be used to remove pigment and primary nevus, remove tattoos, etc., and can also be used to improve skin aging and maintain the effect of skin rejuvenation.

In the future, ultrafast laser will also be used in clinical surgery and minimally invasive surgery. In the removal of some necrotic harmful cells and tissues, which are difficult to be manually removed with a knife, laser knife can be used for precise removal.


Advanced medical level requires a sufficient number of doctors with high technical level, as well as advanced medical instruments and equipment. In short, good doctors plus good medical equipment. This epidemic has shown us that there is a certain distance between the medical level of China and that of developed countries. At present, many cutting-edge achievements in biological medicine and advanced medical devices are still from developed countries. Over the years, China has made breakthroughs in optical imaging and diagnostic instruments, especially the gradual maturity of the localization technology of ultra-fast laser precision processing, which will boost the level of domestic medical devices. The market application of ultrafast laser in the domestic medical field has just begun, and its future development potential is huge.

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