Application of laser cutting machine in hypotube micromachining ​

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In recent years, with the continuous development of medical technology, the advantages of minimally invasive surgery have made hypotubes widely used. Hypotubes, sometimes called guidewires, are thin metal tubes that need to be small and flexible to enter the body’s blood vessels. And it needs to be hollow inside to facilitate control of tools or transportation of drugs. The edges of the hypotube must be burr-free and the material needs to be flexible and easy to sterilize. This requires that during processing, it can not only make simple incisions, but also meet complex micro-machining requirements. The hypotube obtains its flexibility through the cutting process of a laser cutting machine. The length of the cut and the spacing between the cuts determine the remaining stiffness of the tube.

The precision laser cutting machine developed by men-luck is used for laser micro-machining of hypotubes. It can not only ensure the accuracy and surface quality required for hypotubes, but also meet production efficiency requirements. The laser cutting machine developed by our company can meet the needs of laser cutting, drilling, grooving and other fine processing techniques for hypotubes. It has high cutting accuracy and good incision quality. It has become the preferred equipment for micro-processing of hypotubes and has many advantages.

First, laser cutting machines enable non-contact processing of hypotubes. Compared with traditional mechanical cutting methods, laser cutting does not produce physical contact, thus avoiding deformation and damage caused by friction or extrusion. This is critical for hypotubes where the original shape and dimensional accuracy of the part need to be maintained.

Secondly, by adjusting the parameters of the laser cutting machine, optimizing the program and using advanced automation systems, micron-level precision processing of hypotubes can be achieved. This enables the hypotube to meet quality requirements and have stable performance in various application scenarios.

In addition, the use of laser cutting machines in mass production uses automatic loading and unloading devices, coupled with program control of parameters such as speed and accuracy, to achieve high-efficiency batch processing. More output can be completed in the same time, and human resource investment is reduced.

Our company can provide cutting and proofing services for various types of hypotubes. New and old customers are welcome to call us to inquire about the hypotube laser cutting machine and make an appointment for proofing!

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