Advantages of laser cutting machine in stainless steel cutting and drilling

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With the continuous development and progress of industrial manufacturing, stainless steel has been widely used in household products, auto parts, electronic appliances, transportation, building materials and other industries. At present, the processing of stainless steel is basically based on laser processing. Laser processing includes laser cutting, drilling, welding, engraving, marking, etc. Laser cutting uses a high-density and high-energy laser beam to locally heat the stainless steel plate, vaporize it and then blow it away to form a slit to achieve the purpose of cutting.

Compared with traditional mechanical cutting and drilling methods, stainless steel laser cutting and drilling has the following obvious advantages. The first is contactless processing, which avoids damage to the material surface caused by physical contact; second, complex patterns and small-sized holes can be precisely controlled; in addition, parameters can be adjusted to meet various depth and diameter requirements, and on the same piece of material Cutting and drilling operations can be performed at multiple positions. Due to the high energy density of the laser beam, precise cutting can be achieved to form holes of the desired shape and size without even requiring additional machining.

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Due to the irreplaceable advantages of laser cutting machines, more and more industries are adopting laser cutting and drilling technology. For example, in the manufacturing of auto parts and electronic equipment, it is used for laser cutting and drilling of nickel plates for mobile phone back covers, mobile phone cameras, watch discs, watch hands, automobile visual panels, and various types of audio speaker nets. The highest accuracy can reach 7um, with good cutting quality and high cutting efficiency.

In short, stainless steel laser cutting and drilling technology has become a must-have processing technology in many precision processing industries and plays an important role in various fields. As a manufacturer of laser micromachining equipment and a provider of processing solutions, men-luck has rich experience and very mature laser micromachining equipment for the processing of various precision stainless steel and other alloy materials. It can customize customer’s products according to customer needs. Exclusive laser micro-machining technology solutions can also be used to prototype and test advanced samples according to customers’ cutting and drilling needs. After the quality meets the requirements, the equipment can be customized. New and old customers are welcome to call to make an appointment for proofing services at any time!

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