A brief discussion on the advantages of femtosecond laser cutting machine in the application of vascular stents

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In recent years, as the prevalence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases has continued to increase year by year, intravascular stent placement surgery has become the most common choice for patients with arteriosclerosis and other vascular diseases. Because intravascular stent placement is a less invasive treatment method, it is undoubtedly the most ideal treatment option for patients with arteriosclerosis and other vascular diseases, with a high success rate and low probability of complications. Therefore, the application space of femtosecond laser cutting machines is getting larger and larger.

Compared with laser cutting, traditional processing methods have many disadvantages, such as: ① Low precision, which will lead to uneven distribution of rib widths in different areas of the stent, which can easily lead to fractures and endanger the health of patients. ② The surface quality is poor. Traditionally processed metal vascular stents are prone to surface burrs and material residues, which can cause damage to the blood vessel walls of the human body and cause secondary damage and threats to blood vessels. ③ New materials cannot be processed. Due to changes in current market demand, the materials of vascular stents have evolved from traditional metal alloys to polymer biomaterials. The flexibility of the process and the diversification of shapes have made it impossible for the original traditional processing methods to meet the processing requirements. . These problems can be solved by men-luck’s fast femtosecond laser cutting machine, and it can also provide high-quality system processing solutions for the needs of enterprises in the medical industry.

The application of femtosecond laser cutting machines in vascular stents is gradually becoming an irreplaceable processing method. Laser cutting is a type of thermal separation process. Laser cutting technology achieves non-contact operation by using laser beams to precisely cut materials, avoids physical contact with vascular stents, improves cleanliness, and avoids the risk of infection caused by vascular stents to the human body due to direct physical contact. At the same time, more delicate and accurate operations can be achieved, thereby improving the precision of the vascular stent, which plays a positive role in the success rate of the operation and the subsequent impact. Compared with traditional methods, its processing speed is fast, its performance is stable, and it is less likely to produce waste or residual substances. This not only saves time but also meets the requirements of environmental protection.

At present, with the continuous breakthroughs in men-luck laser cutting technology, the application technology of our femtosecond laser cutting machine on medical stents has matured and has been recognized by our customers. Next, men-luck, which is committed to independent research and development, will further conduct in-depth research on laser micromachining technology, upgrade and optimize our laser equipment, and provide more users in the medical industry with efficient, durable, and stable performance laser micromachining equipment.

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