Why use precision laser cutting?

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Precision Laser Machining Center can achieve high-precision and small tolerance manufacturing, reduce material waste, and process material diversity. Precision laser cutting technology can be widely used in various manufacturing applications and has become a valuable asset in the automotive industry, producing complex and thick parts from various materials, from hydraulic forming 3D shapes to safety airbags. The precision electronics industry is used for precision machining of metal or plastic parts, casings, and circuit boards. From processing workshops, small workshops to large industrial facilities, they provide manufacturers with numerous advantages, which is why precision laser cutting is used.

Excellent accuracy

The precision and edge quality of the materials cut by laser are better than those cut by traditional methods. The laser cutting uses a highly focused beam, which acts as a Heat-affected zone during the cutting process and will not cause large area thermal damage to adjacent surfaces. In addition, the use of high-pressure gas cutting processes, such as CO2 spraying molten materials, removes material slits from narrower workpieces, resulting in cleaner processing and smoother edges for complex shapes and designs. The laser cutting machine has a CNC function, and the laser cutting process can be automatically controlled by a pre designed machine program. The CNC controlled laser cutting machine reduces the risk of operator error and produces more precise, accurate, and strictly tolerance parts.

Improving workplace safety

Accidents involving employees and equipment in the workplace have a negative impact on the company’s productivity and operating costs. Material processing and handling operations, including cutting, are areas where accidents occur frequently. Using laser cutting for these applications can reduce the risk of accidents. Because it is a non-contact process, this means that the machine tool should not physically come into contact with the material. In addition, the beam generation does not require any operator intervention during the laser cutting process, ensuring that the high-power beam is safely maintained inside the sealed machine. Usually, except for inspection and repair operations, laser cutting does not require manual intervention. Compared to traditional cutting methods, this process minimizes direct contact with the surface of the workpiece, thereby reducing the possibility of employee accidents and injuries.

Greater material versatility

In addition to being able to cut complex geometric shapes with higher accuracy, Precision Laser Cutting Equipment can also enable manufacturers to perform cutting without mechanical modifications, using a wider range of materials and thicknesses. Using the same beam of light with different output levels, intensities, and durations, laser cutting can cut various metals. Making similar adjustments to the machine can accurately cut materials of various thicknesses. The integrated CNC components can achieve automation, providing more intuitive operations.

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