How can laser cutting precision be achieved?

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Due to its high cutting accuracy, Ultra-fast precision laser cutting machine have been widely used in the processing of components in industrial fields such as aerospace, medical equipment, and precision instruments. How can high-precision laser cutting be achieved?

Laser is called the brightest light, the most accurate ruler, and the fastest light. Lasers can accumulate a large amount of energy on a small unit area with higher energy, causing substances like metals to quickly melt or evaporate, thus playing a cutting role.

The focal length can generally reach around 0.1 millimeters. It is like a very precise knife, much finer than a broadsword.

At the same time, because of the large processing energy density, the time of acting on the material is very short, which reduces the Heat-affected zone of the workpiece, and the thermal deformation is small. The laser is non mechanical contact processing, which has no mechanical stress on the workpiece, and is suitable for precision processing.

A solid machine tool system is the foundation for ensuring the accuracy of laser cutting. Strict mechanical design, precision welding, stress treatment and other operations ensure the smooth and stable operation of the Precision Laser Cutting Machine, which remains unchanged for a long time.

In addition, achieving precision cutting with laser cutting function also benefits from its high-precision transmission structure, including gears and racks, servo motors, reducers, etc.

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