Silicon carbide ceramic laser drilling

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Silicon carbide ceramic is a kind of high temperature and corrosion resistant ceramic material, the main component is silicon carbide. It has excellent mechanical properties, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature stability, in a large number of processes, silicon carbide ceramics need to be punched in mechanical manufacturing, chemical, metallurgy, microelectronics, automotive, aerospace, aviation and other fields, such as high temperature bearings, bulletproof plates, nozzles, high temperature corrosion resistant parts, etc., in order to ensure processing efficiency and accuracy, Most companies will choose laser cutting machine for processing. It can not only punch holes, but also carry out micro-machining such as cutting and digging blind slots.

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Nowadays, laser drilling has become one of the indispensable and important processes. The traditional punching method is easy to cause material damage and deformation, and the use of Men-luck precision hard brittle laser cutting machine to punch holes can not only avoid these shortcomings, but also has many other advantages. Laser drilling is the use of lasers to make the photon energy is absorbed and converted into heat energy, and then irradiated to the material, the surface of the material will produce high-energy density energy, so that the material local evaporation or melting, while the use of air flow or pulse vibration control the diffusion of the melting area to achieve the processing of the hole.

Men-luck precision hard brittle material laser cutting machine can achieve very high accuracy, up to the precision requirements of micrometer level aperture. And no error, no deformation, no burr, smooth and beautiful edge of each hole after processing, no need to rework twice, coupled with laser drilling speed, it is extremely advantageous for high output production line. And does not require any cutting fluid, coolant, will not pollute the environment. Compared with traditional drilling technology, laser drilling has better environmental performance, meets the requirements of modern green manufacturing, and is widely applicable, and can process almost any material.

Precision hard brittle laser cutting machine has a high degree of automation, which can achieve automatic drilling throughout the process and reduce labor costs. In addition, it can work on flat and curved workpieces, and can also process different holes (any pattern, shaped holes) according to needs, which is very flexible. Among the many punching processing equipment, Men-luck precision hard brittle laser cutting machine is widely used in industrial production with its high precision, high speed, good environmental protection, good adaptability and high degree of automation. It is a precision equipment for enterprises to improve production efficiency and economic benefits. Men-luck specializes in the production of all kinds of laser equipment, including laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser marking machine, etc., support personalized customization, provide shipping proofing services, welcome to have the demand of customers contact us.

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