Factors affecting laser precision cutting

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Laser precision cutting is a kind of advanced processing technology that uses laser beam to cut materials. High energy density laser beams are used to achieve precise cutting of materials by melting, vaporizing or evaporating them. Precision laser cutting machine has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency and non-contact, which can be widely used in the cutting field of various materials such as metal, plastic, glass and ceramics. Especially in the manufacturing industry, precision laser cutting machines are widely used in the cutting of metal and non-metallic materials, as well as the production process of fine parts and components such as automotive parts, electronic devices and medical equipment. In addition, the laser precision cutting machine also has the advantages of high efficiency, high flexibility and high precision, which can achieve excellent quality cutting results and effectively reduce raw material waste.

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Laser precision cutting has extremely strict requirements for the processing technology of laser equipment, often because a detail fails to do so, resulting in insufficient overall processing accuracy, which reduces the yield. The following are important factors affecting the precision cutting of laser cutting machine:

The motor performance is the power core of the mechanical shaft, which is directly related to the quality of the moving shaft. An excellent motor should have the characteristics of high response speed, high positioning accuracy, fast speed change and stop, and appropriate load capacity. If the motor is defective in some aspect, there will be problems in a long time and high intensity processing environment, resulting in insufficient accuracy of the laser cutting machine.

The laser emitted by the laser is the most direct factor affecting the processing quality of the precision laser cutting machine. Lasers used for precision cutting must have a high quality beam. At the same time, the laser used in the precision laser cutting machine also needs to maintain a long-term stable output, and can continue to work and maintain the output quality.

The control system is the core part of the operation and operation of precision laser cutting machine. The control system converts the input instructions of the operator into pulse signals and outputs them to the equipment to control the operation of the precision laser cutting machine. For the motion control system used in precision cutting, stability, anti-interference, motion algorithm and precision control need special optimization.

Finally, the difference in the properties of the material will also affect the cutting accuracy. For example, non-metallic materials are more easily processed on thin films than on wood to achieve higher accuracy; In the same material, surface smooth metal can achieve better results than surface frosted metal.

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