Application of ultraviolet laser marking machine in medical equipment

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Several common materials of medical devices include metal, plastic and glass, etc. However, as medical devices, they all need to have a unique device identification code, UDI code, to achieve product information tracking and traceability. Next, I will introduce to you a high precision equipment produced by Men-luck company, which is widely used in the medical industry – ultraviolet laser marking machine.

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Ultraviolet laser marking machine, also known as medical laser marking machine, is a high-precision laser marking equipment. For medical grade plastics, UDI marks must have a smooth feel and no obvious touch to the touch to prevent bacterial growth. Therefore, this greatly increases the difficulty of UDI code marking. The traditional ink printing and dyeing process is gradually eliminated due to the hidden dangers, and the laser marking technology that meets the process requirements has become the mainstream technology of medical supplies marking today.

The laser marking machine uses a processing method that physically removes the surface layer, through which the product identification is not easy to wear and change, and has strong anti-counterfeiting and uniqueness. This technology easily enables “one pill, one code,” bringing convenience and benefits to medical product manufacturers. It is perfectly matched with the medical device product traceability system to ensure the safety and control of the product to the greatest extent and avoid tampering.

Ultraviolet laser marking machine is used to mark stainless steel surgical instruments, dental equipment and other medical equipment, making it easier to read. Even after numerous disinfection and cleaning, it can still be clearly visible, and effectively prevent bacteria from attaching to the surface of the equipment. Therefore, in the medical field, laser marking technology plays an important role. Due to its high efficiency and high-quality marking characteristics, it has become an indispensable processing technology in the medical industry.

Medical plastic products are also marked using ultraviolet laser marking machine processing. In the cold laser marking process, the use of ultraviolet lasers can change the molecular structure of the material, which is very friendly to heat-sensitive materials, so as to achieve the ideal marking effect. When white plastic strongly absorbs ultraviolet light, chemical changes occur inside it to darken it. This process results in a smooth, highly legible mark that is not easily worn and is not simply displayed on the surface of the product.

Men-luck specializes in the production of laser equipment, the main laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, laser welding machine, to provide high-quality equipment and services to support the proofing effect. Interested customers are welcome to contact us.

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